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The City of St. Petersburg’s many employees experienced productivity and account lockout issues within the many applications they needed access to.

SSRPM allows employees to work more efficiently

The City of St. Petersburg is Florida’s fifth-largest city and employs over 3,200 people. These employees work in various departments, including police, fire, public safety, utility, codes and permits, recreation, engineering and many others. The IT department provides infrastructure and manages user accounts and passwords for all of the departments and their employees.

With security as a top priority, they began to look for a solution to some of their password management issues for the many systems and applications they use. Muslim Gadiwalla, Chief Information Officer at The City of St. Petersburg, said, “We were starting to ramp up security and implemented much more strict password expiration rules, which left our users often locked out of their accounts.” This, in turn, led to a large number of calls to the help desk for password resets. Additionally, each password had a different expiration date, which meant they all expired at different times.

Secure password resets

“Functionality and cost-effectiveness were the two main criteria we used when looking for a password reset solution,” said Gadiwalla. The City chose to implement Tools4ever’s Self Service Reset Password Manager (SSRPM). SSRPM allows users to easily and securely reset their passwords by correctly answering a series of security questions without helpdesk intervention. Gadiwalla added, “SSRPM has eliminated a majority of the calls to the help desk for password resets, and has allowed our employees to be proactive.”

“[SSRPM has] brought significant benefits in terms of securing our environment and providing a simple interface for our users.”

Muslim Gadiwalla, Chief Information Officer at The City of St. Petersburg
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