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HelloID and NIM: Complete IAM Platforms

Staying ahead in today’s business climate requires efficiency, flexibility, and security. Check all three boxes with our identity and access management software.

Efficient, Secure, Data-Driven Business Solutions

Efficient Automation

Let our systems provision accounts, automating creation, updates, and deactivation. Schedule reports, maintenance jobs, and more. Let us handle the heavy lifting.

Enhanced Security

Based on users’ roles and responsibilities, we handle adding and removing permissions to your resources on the fly. Never worry about over-privileged users again.

Secure Single Sign-On

Fewer credentials mean fewer password issues and more productivity. We provide a secure single point of authentication and access for all of your business applications.

Insightful Data

View activity and audit trails for anyone in your organization at any time so that you can make the right decisions or meet compliance requirements.

Your Success Is Our Business

Thriving businesses require efficient, easily adaptable operations. Customers—and employees—expect rapid service fulfillment with up to 24/7 access on any device from helpanywhere.

Tools4ever’s identity management solutions help optimize your internal processes to maximize operational efficiency. This ensures that accounts and access are always provisioned accordingly without draining IT bandwidth.

Our cloud-based portal gives your user base secure access to services and IT resources right when (and where) they need them.

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Powerful Account Management Where You Need It

Access Always Up-To-Date

Eliminating productivity roadblocks is critical. When new hires start and existing employees require access changes, slow or manual processing grinds their productivity to a halt. Cascading effects can create detrimental delays across your whole organization. Scheduled automations and rapid self-service fulfillment ensure smooth continuity.

Optimize Efficiency Across the Board

Wasted time and expenses cut into your bottom line and prevent you from chasing opportunities. Tools4ever’s solutions not only ensure that your employees remain efficient because they have the correct access, but our solutions also drastically reduce manual IT management efforts. Automations, delegation, interfaces, and forms allow your IT staff to reclaim valuable bandwidth or delegate to Tier 1 staff. Reprioritize IT with more impactful projects than data entry.

Adapt & Succeed

Whether technological advancements or outside factors affect operations, you need to be able to pivot to keep pace with your competitors and chase opportunities as they arise. Tools4ever’s solutions help your organization’s large- and small-scale flexibility—from new initiatives and implementations to adjusting employee access for ad hoc projects.

Security Woven Throughout Your IT Environment

When it comes to data breaches, it’s not a matter of “if” but “when.” At some point, you may be targeted, or an employee may make a mistake. Preparation is the only course when something is inevitable, particularly with a financial and reputational impact. Tools4ever’s sophisticated authentication policies (including multifactor functionality), role-based access controls, and activity logging substantially minimize the chance of a breach or mistake spiraling out of control.

A Trusted IAM Solution

During the typical user lifecycle period of an employee, manager, or temporary worker, multiple changes to their identity and access rights will occur. All of these changes create a challenge for the IT department to manage. With Tools4ever identity management solutions, processes can be designed to reduce or eliminate these challenges.

The benefits of our solutions include the following:

  • Automated User Lifecycle Management
  • Role Modeling and Business Rules based on RBAC
  • Customizable Webforms with Secure Delegation
  • Tailor-Made Helpdesk Forms
  • Employee Self Service
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) with a centralized application dashboard
  • Increased Security with advanced authentication (MFA, IP Location, Time, etc.)
  • Advanced Reporting for Audits and Compliance

User Lifecycle Automation

Managing a single user’s entire user lifecycle is complex and time-consuming. This task is almost impossible to do manually when you factor in all the users within an organization. By automating the user lifecycle process, you can increase productivity, security and reclaim IT bandwidth.

With our solutions, the collaboration between IT and HR results in a single source of truth (HR data) that is analyzed and processed through our robust provisioning and deprovisioning engine, including role modeling and business rules for entitlements. Any changes detected within the HR system are auto-synchronized to the appropriate downstream system.

As a result, users always have the correct access permissions, and security is enhanced by eliminating human error in the user lifecycle management process.

More Efficient IT Processes

The IT department is responsible for managing resources in multiple systems. Typically this is done one system at a time; as a result, it is time-consuming and complex.

With HelloID and NIM, these tasks can be combined and organized to where data can be entered once and updated to multiple systems at one time. For example, a temporary worker may need an Active Directory and Google Workspace account.

A tailor made web form can be created in HelloID or NIM to simplify the onboarding of temporary workers across multiple systems. This allows a helpdesk user to fill out the form, including a termination date. That data is then run through our backend provisioning engine, including role models and business rules, and accounts are created for both Active Directory and Google Workspace. In addition to creation, HelloID and NIM will monitor for the termination date. When the termination date is met, both accounts will be disabled.

Additional examples of optimizing IT processes are:

  • Delegated Password Resets
  • Group Management
  • Staff and Student Data Enrichment
  • Pre and Post User Lifecycle Changes

Free up the Helpdesk

Besides automating the user provisioning processes, organizations can empower users with HelloID’s self-service web forms. Design web forms with workflows to allow resource owners such as managers or supervisors to approve or deny access requests.

For example, a user can use a self-service web form to request access to a department share. This request is then sent to the department manager for approval. Once approved, the HelloID backend engine adds the users to the appropriate security group.

This entire process is logged and tracked for audit purposes and requires no helpdesk involvement. As a result, the appropriate resource owner is the approver, the user receives approval or denial in a timely fashion, and the helpdesk is freed up to work on other projects.

Single Sign-On

With users now being automatically provisioned into AD and all target applications, the final step is often to implement Single Sign-On (SSO) via Tools4ever’s Access Management module. This allows one-click access to all of the organization’s applications, such as Jira, SAP, UltiPro, DocuSign, and more. In addition, its conditional access policies let internal IP users authenticate without any logon.

All these solutions work in tandem to drastically increase the organization’s HR and IT identity and access management tasks. Resources will be rapidly disseminated. User adoption and acceptance will be up. Auditing will be easier. User lifecycle management will be completely automated. In addition, there will be far fewer opportunities for security holes since manual data entry will be largely eliminated. Onboarding/offboarding will now be a breeze and likely require 25% compared to the past—with the added benefit of being correct.

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