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Onboarding (User Account Claiming)

Enhancing Security and Efficiency in Employee Onboarding

NIM revamps onboarding by providing a secure and efficient process for new hires to claim their accounts, ensuring seamless integration into the organization’s digital environment

Revolutionizing Employee Onboarding and Account Security

The initial setup and security of employee accounts have never been more critical. NIM’s Onboarding (Account Claiming) module is your organization’s key to unlocking a secure, efficient, and seamless onboarding experience for every new member of your team.

Streamline Onboarding with Unparalleled Security

NIM transforms the way your organization handles one of the most sensitive stages in the employee lifecycle: the secure delivery of account credentials to new hires. NIM’s approach simplifies this process, ensuring a smooth and secure transition into your digital environment.

Here's How it Works:

  1. Initial Contact: Upon onboarding, new employees receive an email invitation that includes a link to a customized wizard-style onboarding webpage.
  2. Step-by-Step Guidance: Through a user-friendly interface, employees are guided through the process of claiming their accounts.
  3. Secure Verification: The process typically kicks off by requesting the new employee’s ID number. This initial step plays a crucial role in safeguarding sensitive data and access to accounts right from the start, ensuring a secure foundation for the entire onboarding journey.
  4. Customized Security Checks: Leveraging data from your HR or Student Information Systems, NIM generates personalized questions, enhancing the security layer by verifying the identity of the account claimant.
  5. Activation and Access: After successfully answering security questions, employees are presented with their username, have the opportunity to set their password, and gain access to their account, which is ready for immediate use.

Addressing the Challenge: Secure Delivery of Login Info

The secure delivery of login information to new employees presents several challenges:

Risk of Interception:

Traditional methods of account distribution are susceptible to interception, putting sensitive information at risk.

Verification Difficulties:

Ensuring the account details reach the intended individual without compromise is a key challenge.

Complexity and User Error:

Complex processes can lead to errors, which can delay the onboarding process and impact the user experience.

NIM’s Onboarding (Account Claiming) module addresses these challenges head-on, offering a secure, streamlined process that protects both the organization and its new employees from the risks associated with account setup and credential delivery.

Why Choose NIM for Your Organization?

Enhanced Security

NIM ensures that only the intended recipient can access and claim their account during the user provisioning and onboarding process, safeguarding against unauthorized access.

Efficient Onboarding

Simplify the user onboarding process, allowing employees to quickly and securely access their accounts and begin contributing to your team.

Cross-System Integration

The onboarding process is effortlessly adaptable, enabling new employees to claim their accounts across various systems (Active Directory, Entra ID, Google Workspace, and more), therefore streamlining the credential-claiming experience.

Improved Compliance

Meet regulatory requirements by ensuring the secure handling of personal and sensitive information.

Fully Tailored to Your Requirements

NIM is built with flexibility in mind, allowing for full customization to utilize the data you specify.

Embark on a Secure Onboarding Journey with NIM

Secure your organization’s future by choosing NIM. Provide your new employees with a welcoming and secure start, setting the stage for success from day one. With NIM, you’re not just onboarding employees; you’re empowering them to embark on their journey with confidence and security. Beyond facilitating secure onboarding, NIM’s other modules oversee the entire lifecycle of user accounts, including creating, modifying, deactivating, and managing access permissions.

Experience the difference that comes with secure, seamless onboarding. Welcome to the future of employee account management — welcome to NIM.

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