User Management Resource Administrator (UMRA)

Automate User Account Lifecycle Processes and Simplify Management by Integrating Source Systems With Downstream Resources.

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Secure and Efficient User Account Management

Manual user account management requires significant effort to create new accounts, update information, and deactivate them properly. This leads to downtime issues while users wait for accounts and updates. In addition, new employees are significantly affected. Manual management doesn’t just slow down your IT staff; it slows down your entire operation.

Beyond hampering efficiency, manual management can lead to errors and oversights. Data entry issues make future network and user management tricky. Oversights, such as not deactivating accounts, lead to security vulnerabilities easily exploited during breach attempts or by simple mistakes.

Additionally, manual account management practices (e.g., user provisioning) can lead to delays, miscommunications, oversights, and errors. These leave employees unable to work, contribute to network pollution, and exacerbate security risks.

To solve all these issues, UMRA creates a connection between the HR system, directory services (e.g., Active Directory, LDAP, GSuite), and downstream services. This allows you to automate processes, delegate tasks, and operate more efficiently.

Automated User Account Lifecycle


Automated Account Management and Provisioning

Manual user management can lead to errors and oversights. UMRA lets you automate processes, delegate tasks, and operate more efficiently.


Delegation and Self-Service

Account creation has never been easier. By delegating user management, UMRA empowers your users and lets you create 100-300 user accounts per minute.


Role-Based Access Control

Boost your security and ensure compliance with role-based access controls. UMRA lets you define thousands of business roles in minutes.

Empower Your Users and Free Up Your IT

Reclaim Bandwidth:

User account management requires significant time and effort. Automation streamlines the process with consistent execution and minimizes the significant effort your IT team sinks into manual account management. Specifically, UMRA automation reduces user creation from about 20 minutes per account to 100-300 per minute. Ongoing management is just as easy. By reclaiming substantial bandwidth for IT staff, you can reprioritize them with more impactful tasks.

Rapid Execution:

New employees are set up immediately on Day ONE, and existing user accounts are always up-to-date.

Eliminate Oversights & Errors:

Minimize the chances of network pollution and data breaches. No more “orphan accounts,” duplicates, or incorrect access rights.

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