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From K-12 to higher-ed, our software solutions meet the daily challenges of the education market.

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Gone are the days of going to class with nothing but pencil and paper. Now, students are equipped with devices through 1:1 initiatives. More often than not, students use several cloud applications throughout their day. A single student might need accounts in five different systems just to get started with their education.


Tools4ever is here to help make your students—and their educators—successful. From automated account provisioning, to single sign-on, to self-service and beyond… We’ve got you covered.

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Automated Account Provisioning

Get everyone ready for the start of term by creating and updating all user accounts automatically. Drive management with data from your SIS or personnel database.

One Login for Everything

Forget about forgetting passwords with our SSO solutions. All applications are available with a single login to a secure, cloud-based dashboard.

Easy Self-Service Password Resets

Allow students and faculty to reset their own passwords through a series of challenge questions and unburden the IT department.

Requestable Resources

Students and faculty can request access to applications, permissions, and other resources. One click to request, one click to approve, and automated fulfillment.

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“Day one” start for new students

Students need to have an account on their first day, and we make sure they have it.

Seamless SIS integration

We partner with the leading SIS vendors to provide you with an easy and seamless integration.

Automated end-of-year rollover

Every year, students roll up and students roll out. Our solutions make the necessary user account changes automatically, without burdening the IT department.

SSO for your cloud apps

The adoption of EdTech and cloud resources continually rises. We provide a Single Sign-On (SSO) experience so students can stop worrying about credentials, and get busy learning.

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