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User Account Management: HelloID and NIM Perspectives

Both HelloID and NIM empower organizations to design and manage their user provisioning processes without scripts or costly consultancy services.

However, they take different approaches to the user account lifecycle management process.

The three most important differences are the User Capacity, Hosting, and Data Evaluation.




100% cloud-based with monthly automatic product updates


On-Premise (Windows Server)


Data Evaluation


Scheduled, Event-Based

Allow ad hoc changes to downstream systems without source system override.

HelloID uses an event-based evaluation method. On schedule, source data is evaluated for changes. When a change is detected, that change will then be propagated to downstream systems. This method is also known as Source of Truth, where source data is synchronized to downstream systems but allowing for target ad hoc changes.

In this method, downstream systems may contain different information than the source system. Upon a source change detection the information will be synchronized so both source and target systems contain the same information.



Guarantee that all downstream systems are synchronized with the source system.

NIM uses a synchronization method based on the “soll-ist” philosophy of desired situation and current situation. This method is also known as an Enforced Source of Truth, where source data is synchronized to downstream systems on a schedule. NIM accomplishes this by evaluating the data from all source and target systems. When NIM identifies data in the target systems that do not match the source system, NIM will synchronize the source data to the target system. This method guarantees that all downstream systems have the same information as the source system.

HelloID - Cloud. Identity. Access

HelloID is an integrated module-based platform. Your organization only pays for and implements what you need today while giving you upgrade options for the future at 80% lower costs than competing solutions.

NIM - NextGen Identity Management

NIM is Tools4ever’s next-generation identity management platform. It is an on-prem solution designed to support enterprise-level organizations with complex multi-system environments optimized for performance and easy self-management.

Is Automation Right for Your Organization’s IAM process?

If your organization is considering switching to an automated identity and access management solution such as HelloID and NIM, here are some questions that may help explain the benefits you can expect:

Do you want to manage identities centrally?

A centralized on-premise or cloud-based IAM solution allows you to manage identities in a single location. With this approach, all identity management activities occur within the same system. If you already have a centralized identity management system, then you may not need to make any changes. However, if you currently have multiple identity management systems, then you should consider whether a centralized IAM solution would work best for your organization.

How much time do you spend maintaining your current on-premise identity management infrastructure?

The infrastructure costs of maintaining your existing on-premise identity management solution can be significant. You could reduce these expenses by migrating to an on-premise solution (NIM) with no additional software costs (i.e., SQL) or a cloud-based solution (HelloID).

Is your current identity management solution scalable?

Can you easily expand your identity management capabilities as your needs change? Will your current identity management solution accommodate future growth?

How well does your current identity management system integrate with other systems?

Does your current identity management solution integrate seamlessly with other systems? Is it possible to add new source and target systems to your existing identity management system?

Which features are most important to you?

What features are most important to your business? Some examples might include the following:

  • Automated and Manual User
  • Provisioning and Deprovisioning
  • Role-Based Access Controls
  • Easy and Powerful Role Modeling
  • Customizable Delegated Web Forms
  • Data Exports and Rostering
  • OneRoster Certified
  • Detailed Logging and Auditing

How much training and support will you receive from your vendor?

How easy is it to learn how to use your new identity management system? How long will it take to train users? How often will your vendor update its documentation? How good is their support?

How much control do you want over your identity management system?

Do you want complete control over every aspect of your identity management system, such as username or full name algorithms, role modeling, and thresholds, or would fewer choices and control be sufficient?

Does your current identity management vendor provide prompt consultancy services?

With over 20+ years of Identity Management software development and consultancy services, we’ve got you covered.

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