Password Synchronization Manager (PSM)

Sync your Active Directory login credentials to other resources. Achieve simplicity and security with a single password.

One and Done!

Password Synchronization Manager (PSM) is the perfect password solution for an organization looking to quickly implement automation and cut down on helpdesk tickets for resets. When users change their Active Directory or Google password, PSM ensures that all connected systems and resources synchronize to the new credentials in real-time.

End users only have to remember a single password. No more forgotten credentials, lockouts, or resetting expired passwords in numerous resources.

Up to 80% of helpdesk calls are for password resets. PSM makes it easier than ever to remember login credentials: there’s only one. Or, as we like to say, One and Done!

Secure. Efficient. Simple.


Increased Convenience

A single password for all your resources.


Reduced Costs

Users remain productive, and your helpdesk queue stays clear of password reset requests.


Enhanced Security

A single credential set helps eliminate poor password management practices. No more sticky notes, spreadsheets, or easy-to-crack passwords.

Password Management Made Easy

Secure and Efficient

Increase your organization’s security and maximize its efficiency. Password Synchronization Manager (PSM) eliminates the hassle of managing multiple passwords.

Remember a Single Password

End users only need to remember a single password, cutting down on forgotten credentials and poor password management practices.

Sync Credentials across Multiple Resources

PSM allows for the easy syncing of credentials from other resources to your Active Directory or Google Passwords logins

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