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What is a good password and why do you need one?

Would you leave the door to your house unlocked if you weren’t home? Would you leave the keys in your car if you weren’t in it? I assume the answer to both these questions are “no”. Why would you want to leave your personal property unattended, when is there a chance something might be stolen? Similar questions can be asked regarding password management. How complex are your passwords? Do you feel as comfortable storing your personal and business information on your computer, as you do leaving your home locked and protected?

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Connecting Office 365 to Identity Access Management Solutions

Microsoft Cloud is revolutionizing the way organizations across various industries operate; providing various services at a minimal cost and scalability that fits the needs of any organization. Microsoft’s productivity service Office 365 has opened the doors for employees and students, allowing them easy access of these tools on the go. Whether you are in the office, at home, or on the road connectivity can be simple and secure.

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Single Sign-On in Higher Education

Students and professors are relying on online resources more and more every day – and this trend is not going away. The more popular it becomes, the more cumbersome it is for organizations to efficiently and effectively manage different accounts, user names & passwords necessary to access all of these online tools.

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Single Sign On

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