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Tools4ever Demo FAQs

How long is the demo?

A product demonstration usually lasts from 30–60 minutes.

What is the agenda for a demo?

We will talk through the product’s features and capabilities, understand your unique needs, then a Software Consultant will do a live walk-through of the product and answer your questions.

Who should attend a demo?

IT decision makers on your team should attend (IT Director, CIO, CISO, sys admin, security analysts). Feel free to invite your HR/CSO as well since the implementation involves your HR system.

What happens after the demo?

If you decide that one of our solutions is right for you, then we will move into a quotation.

What's the difference between Tools4ever's solutions and other solutions on the market?

With our solutions, you get enterprise-level software without the enterprise price tag. We look forward to showcasing our products so you can see how they can solve your organization’s provisioning and identity management struggles!