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Serving your citizens and communities requires significant amounts of sensitive data.

Our identity solutions help ensure proper provisioning and access to keep things both secure and efficient.

With great data comes great responsibility

Public organizations specifically contend with storing substantial amounts of citizens’ Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and business’ data. Further management challenges arise as data tends to be decentralized and systems remain in place for long periods.

Tools4ever’s identity solutions connect all your systems to centralize and simplify management efforts. Our solutions can even connect with both cloud and on-premise systems to streamline administration of the complex, hybrid environments governments and public organizations maintain.

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Automated Provisioning

Automated processes help eliminate delayed execution, inconsistencies, errors, and oversights common with manual management that are exacerbated by decentralized IT.

Authentication & Access

Strong authentication and role-based access policies help you rise to the challenge of securing citizens’ and business’ data within your systems.

Connect Complex IT Environments

Centralize data and management to contain the clash of legacy system upkeep with the influx of cloud services.

Cloud? On-prem? One Single Sign-On

Our SSO solution covers both cloud and on-premise resources via the same portal to minimize the productivity hurdles users face when repeatedly authenticating.

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Protect PII

Tools4ever’s configurable authentication policies and role-based access controls help manage data security for the citizens and businesses you serve.

IT management simplified

Stop fretting over how to manage both cloud implementations and legacy systems that don’t play nice with each other. Tools4ever’s integrations and connections provide streamlined management for admins and SSO for end users from the same portal.

Prevent permission bloat

Government and public employees often retain their employment for many years without access adjustments to account for promotions or other changes. Role-based access controls help prevent the security and compliance risks caused by “permission bloat”.

Security you can trust

HelloID, gets tested biannually by Deloitte and data is encrypted with an RSA 1024-bit key. SSRPM encodes data with irreversible SSHA 256 encoding.


Boost your security with configurable access policies, single sign-on, multifactor authentication, access governance, and audit trails.

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