Tools4ever Solutions for Government

Centralize and Simplify Data Management

Serving your citizens and communities requires significant amounts of sensitive data. Our identity management solutions help ensure proper provisioning and access rights are given to keep your environment secure and efficient.

With Great Data Comes Great Responsibility

Automated Provisioning

Automated processes help eliminate delayed execution, inconsistencies, errors, and oversights common with manual management exacerbated by decentralized IT.

Authentication & Access

Strong authentication and role-based access policies help you overcome the challenge of securing citizens’ and businesses’ data within your systems.

Connect Complex IT Environments

Centralized data and management contain the clash of legacy system upkeep with the influx of cloud services.

Cloud & On-prem Single Sign-On

Our SSO solution covers cloud and on-premise resources via the same portal to minimize users’ productivity hurdles when repeatedly authenticating.

Protect Your Data and Streamline Your Operations

Public organizations specifically contend with storing substantial amounts of citizens’ Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and business data. Further management challenges arise as data tends to be decentralized and systems remain in place for long periods.

Tools4ever’s identity solutions connect all your systems to centralize and simplify management efforts. Our solutions can even connect with both cloud and on-premises systems to streamline the administration of the complex, hybrid environments governments and public organizations maintain.

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Powerful Account Management Where You Need It

Protect PII

Tools4ever’s configurable authentication policies and role-based access controls help manage data security for the citizens and businesses you serve.

Simplify IT Management

Stop fretting over how to manage both cloud implementations and legacy systems that don’t play nice with each other. Tools4ever’s integrations and connections provide streamlined management for admins and SSO for end users from the same portal.

Prevent Permission Bloat

Government and public employees often retain their employment for many years without access adjustments to account for promotions or other changes. Role-based access controls help prevent the security and compliance risks caused by “permission bloat.”

Security You Can Trust

Increase data security for personal information, data, and resources. HelloID, our cloud provisioning solution, gets tested biannually by Deloitte, and data is encrypted with an RSA 1024-bit key and encoded with irreversible SSHA 256 encoding. Boost your security with configurable access policies, single sign-on, multifactor authentication, access governance, and audit trails.

Easy Compliance

Our tools can help minimize the risk associated with adhering to compliance laws and regulations thanks to the increased awareness of extensive logging for easy auditing.

Simplify Administration with Secure User Management

Government Organizations Face Unique Challenges

Government and public organizations like municipalities face numerous challenges. For example, they often manage their own economic development, police, fire, parks and recreation, public works, environmental services, and power and water departments that serve their citizens and businesses. Additionally, they have elementary, middle, and high schools. They may employ thousands of employees across various departments and the school system.

Each employee needs access to their network and a personal account created when they begin employment. While employees may change departments over time, which requires access to different systems and applications, they all need the same basic access when they begin employment.

If the IT department handles account management and provisioning accounts manually, they will soon discover this to be a time-consuming task that is subject to potential errors. In addition, major bottlenecks can be created when several new employees need to be provisioned.

Another common problem is ensuring that all users have the right access rights. Ensuring secure user management can be difficult for government organizations as employees often retain their accounts for many years without access adjustments for promotions or role changes.

This can create security and compliance risks, as employees still have unnecessary access to sensitive information. Also, it makes it difficult for the IT department to manually provision accounts and resources while ensuring the user has the correct level of access. Therefore, a secure and automated user management solution is necessary for your government institution.

Tools4ever Combines Cost Savings with Security

Tools4ever solutions answer the above challenges. They automate the entire Identity lifecycle process within the government industry. As a result, users get easy and secure access to their IT services, and IT Departments are relieved of the burden of maintaining costly local hardware, software, and storage infrastructure.

With our tools, there is no trade-off between cost savings and security. All HelloID tenants run in a maximum-security Azure environment, thoroughly checked by Deloitte Risk Services every six months. Plus, we offer a balanced growth path.

Even better is our modular approach. By splitting our solutions into multiple modules (Account Provisioning, Service Automation, and Access Management) you are free to start with the module(s) of your choice.

Account Provisioning

The daily use of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in the government industry reinforces the importance of eliminating any potential errors when managing active and inactive user accounts. Our provisioning solutions allow your account management process to be fully automated by acting as a single source of trust by connecting to your personnel system and then pushing the appropriate data to downstream applications.

User account creation, deactivation, and changes, including permission rights, are processed quickly, effortlessly, and flawlessly, compared to manual provisioning, where there can be delays, errors, and inconsistencies.

You can utilize customizable web form templates when a manual creation is needed versus automated provisioning. This empowers individual users such as department managers or helpdesk employees to enter the employees’ data once and have accounts automatically provisioned. Our tools can, for example, automatically provision an account in Active Directory, create the appropriate folders for them, and create accounts in any connected applications. This also allows accounts to be set up in a standardized way since they are all created from a single template.

Deprovisioning is just as easy. When an employee is no longer employed by the organization, they will be removed from the domain. An ex-employee could be a security risk if they were accidentally left active on the city’s network. Our solutions detect the changes in your HR systems and automatically disable or remove the user. Additionally, this can be done manually using web forms. This ensures that users are automatically or with a single click removed, rather than manually having to remove them from each system or application. Most importantly, it ensures that the organization’s network remains secure.

Service Automation

For processes that can’t be fully automated, you can use the Service Automation module to manage your resources via an employee self-service helpdesk. This tool allows employees to request access to applications or resources via an online portal. Requests can be approved in one simple click. No matter your role in the organization, our IDM solutions can help in your day-to-day tasks by streamlining, centralizing, and automating the things you need them to do.

Simplified Access

HelloID’s authentication and access policies limit potential data breaches by offering a secure, universal dashboard for all your applications, accessible via Single Sign-On (SSO). In addition, multifactor authentication is included in the “out-of-box” packages, which you can implement as an additional security layer at both the dashboard and individual application levels.

Replace Scripts with Flexible Identity & Access Management (IAM)

Many organizations are using in-house written scripts to manage accounts. These need to be executed manually by a system engineer and can take hours to process.

In many cases, complex processes and homegrown scripts are difficult to manage and possibly unknown to the IT department. Our solutions offer a more robust and efficient provisioning process that can automate and streamline the user lifecycle. This results in increased security and more time for the IT department to focus on more impactful projects.

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