Non-Employee Account Management

Ensuring Both Security and Efficiency in Your Workforce Management 

Our solutions, HelloID (cloud) and NIM (on-premise) revolutionize the way organizations handle external collaborators, ensuring security and efficiency throughout the entire lifecycle.

Embracing Modern Solutions

Tools4ever offers advanced Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions, automating the entire non-employee lifecycle from setup to deactivation. Our platform:

Enforces Access Controls

Maintains Audits Trails

Enhances Visibility

The Challenge: Navigating Non-Employee Accounts

Companies frequently expand their horizons beyond their internal workforce by to fulfill specific project requirements. This strategy allows organizations to tap into a broader talent pool, harnessing specialized expertise and fresh perspectives to drive innovation and achieve business objectives. However, alongside the benefits of this approach come the challenges of effectively managing the accounts of these non-employee contributors. As these external collaborators become integral parts of project teams, organizations must navigate the complexities of account setup, access control, and lifecycle management to ensure smooth operations and protect sensitive information. Therefore, while leveraging external talent offers opportunities for growth and collaboration, it also necessitates careful attention to managing non-employee accounts to maintain security and streamline processes.

What are Non-Employee Accounts?

Non-employee accounts are pivotal components of modern workforce management, granting access privileges to individuals who aren’t full-time permanent company employees. These accounts facilitate collaboration with internal teams, allowing external parties to contribute expertise and drive business outcomes. Examples include contractors, consultants, and interns.

Traditional Non-Employee Account Management Methods

Traditional methods of managing non-employee accounts are known for their inefficiency and susceptibility to errors. Relying on manual processes such as paper forms and email requests not only consumes valuable time but also increases the likelihood of mistakes. These outdated approaches hinder accurate monitoring of account lifecycles, leaving organizations vulnerable to compliance issues and security breaches.

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The Risks of Mismanaged Non-Employee Accounts

Some of the risks that can result from mismanaging non-employee accounts include:


Internal Threats: Inadequate monitoring can turn non-employee accounts into vectors for internal threats.


Permission Overload: Excessive permissions may lead to unauthorized access to sensitive data.


Permission Creep: Accumulated access privileges can result in “permission creep.”


Audit Complexity: Manual management makes tracking access and compliance challenging.


Inconsistent Processes: Lack of standardization leads to inefficiencies.


Account Accumulation: Orphan accounts left active become security vulnerabilities.


Loss in Productivity: Inaccessibility to needed resources delays projects.

Approaches to Automating Non-Employee Account Management

Role-Based Access Controls

Implement strict RBAC models tailored for non-employees, enabling automated access control at a higher security level than standard employee accounts.

Vendor Identification

Easily manage and track accounts created for vendors. Allow regular auditing to ensure no access is left behind.

Time-Limited Accounts

Each account will have a set deactivation date, with notifications sent as the date approaches. If needed, account deactivation dates can be extended.

Tailored Forms

Dynamic forms customized to gather necessary information for seamless automation of non-employee user management within HelloID or NIM.

Centralized Data

Whether sourced from connected systems or custom forms, all non-employee data is consolidated within HelloID or NIM, ensuring a single source of truth.

Scheduled Reporting

Receive regular reports on active, expiring, and deactivated accounts, as well as account distributions by the requester, project, department, and more.

On-Demand Activation

User accounts remain disabled by default and become active only when non-employees initiate the onboarding workflow process.

Looking Ahead

As businesses evolve with digital transformation and hybrid workforce models, effective non-employee account management becomes increasingly crucial. By addressing associated challenges proactively and investing in robust IAM solutions, organizations can enhance security, streamline operations, and empower their extended workforce to drive innovation and success.

Overall, navigating the non-employee lifecycle demands strategic investment and best practices. With Tools4ever’s advanced solutions, organizations can confidently ensure security and efficiency in their external collaborations, paving the way for sustained success in workforce management.

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