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Flyers, Videos, and Webinars

The following resources are available for your organization to learn more about NIM. Download and share with key stakeholders in your organization.

NIM Videos

NIM: NexGen Identity Management for Today’s Multi-System Environments

For over 20 years, Tools4ever has focused on providing industry-leading identity management solutions for small to medium-sized organizations. Inspired by our customer’s feedback for simple user provisioning within larger organizations, we developed Tools4ever’s NexGen Identity Management platform, NIM. A true Enforced Source of Truth provisioning solution. 

NIM uses a synchronization method based on the “soll-ist” philosophy of desired situation and current situation. This method is also known as an Enforced Source of Truth, where source data is synchronized to downstream systems on a schedule. NIM accomplishes this by evaluating the data from all source and target systems. When NIM identifies data in the target systems that do not match the source system, NIM will synchronize the source data to the target system. This method guarantees that all downstream systems have the same information as the source system.

NIM Flyers, Case Studies & Videos

NIM Product Overview Flyer

As the core focus, NIM is optimized for performance and easy self-management for larger organizations with complex data sets, including multiple data sources and targets.

NIM Product Overview Flyer for Education

Designed for today’s K-12 and Higher Education IT needs. NIM provides a comprehensive identity management system that fits specific education demands.

NIM Data Warehouse & ETL Flyer

Built upon a robust foundation of a centralized data warehouse and powerful Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) processes.

NIM Case Study: Pflugerville ISD

The integration of NIM marked a significant milestone in the school district’s journey toward efficient and secure identity management.

NIM Case Study: Horizon School Division

The school division transformed its IDM practices, overcoming operational challenges, enhancing efficiency, and strengthening security measures.

NIM Case Study: Yukon Public Schools

NIM addressed the need to replace the sunsetting system while adding value through enhanced features and capabilities.

NIM Overview Tutorial Part 01

Connecting and configuring a source (CSV) and target system (Active Directory). In addition to building relationships between source and target systems.

NIM Overview Tutorial Part 02

Creating a data view using filters and building a name generation algorithm for new user creation in a target system.

NIM Overview Tutorial Part 03

Creating a password generator and mapping source data to your target system.

NIM Overview Tutorial Part 04

Creating a data view using filters for data that needs to be synchronized from the source data to the target system.

UMRA/IAM to NIM Conversion Webinar

Watch our 45-minute live recorded webinar on migrating your UMRA or IAM user provisioning solution to Tools4ever’s NexGen Identity Management solution, NIM.

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Unparalleled Performance

Unlimited Number of Users to meet the needs of any size of organization paired with Unlimited Scheduling for your desired data evaluations. No matter if you have 100 or 100,000 users, NIM is designed to meet your desired data evaluation schedule – Down to the day, hour, or minute.