HelloID - Cloud Identity Access Management Software

HelloID Identity Management Modules

User Provisioning • Service Automation • Access Management

HelloID is conveniently packaged into three standalone modules allowing for phased implementation into a full identity management ecosystem.

User Provisioning Module

Many organizations are challenged with today’s complex user onboarding and offboarding processes without user account provisioning software. There are also security concerns regarding the right balance between too much or not enough user access rights. Using HelloID’s User Provisioning module, this challenge is made easier with:

Automated Process:

Creating, modifying, and deleting user accounts becomes automated, saving time and avoiding mistakes. Additionally, account details and usage rights are automatically kept up-to-date, which reduces the cost of unused or forgotten licenses.

Efficient User Lifecycle Changes:

New hires receive their account, access rights, required software, and other resources on their first day of work. Then, when an employee is promoted or changes departments, user provisioning allows for seamless transition.

Regulatory Compliance:

HelloID makes security audits easy to complete. User account changes are implemented immediately, error-free, and without manual actions. Current employees are kept from having unnecessary rights and licenses. Former employees are prevented from accessing sensitive information.

The HelloID User Provisioning Module is a cloud-based user lifecycle management solution designed to increase the efficiency and security of your organization’s digital identity process through automation.

By moving from manual to automated, your organization will enhance its entire user account lifecycle process by connecting the HR systems with target systems in the cloud or on-premise. In addition to HelloID’s automation, easy-to-manage business rules guarantee employees have the correct applications and user access to perform their daily tasks, while revoking access when it is no longer needed.

Service Automation Module

Today’s Helpdesks are overloaded with numerous requests from across the organization. With HelloID’s Service Automation module, many of these requests can be streamlined by:

Task Delegation:

Customized web forms simplify multiple actions/processes into a single form or multiple forms that can be securely delegated to the Helpdesk or organizational member—without elevating an individual’s access rights.

Access Requests:

Employees and managers can request access to software groups and data via a web form. The request is automatically mapped into its designated workflow to receive the proper approvals.

Approval Workflows:

Customize how a request for a Self Service product is handled. By default, all requests must be singularly approved or denied by the owner of the requested product. Workflows can be used to automatically approve or deny requests without a manual response; or they can be created to require a response from multiple people within the organization.

The HelloID Service Automation Module is comprised of two components. The ability to delegate tasks and the ability to request access through predefined workflows increases efficiency and security.

Now your organization can get team members the access and the tools they need without intensive delays for approvals. Helpdesk employees’ time is now free to solve issues within the network that directly affect performance without being tied down with manual tasks of granting users access and permissions.

Access Management Module

Many organizations face security risks and internal friction regarding cloud application and access management, such as:

Password Fatigue:

Employees get overwhelmed with the sheer number of passwords they must be responsible for across web applications. This leads to our next problem, lack of security.

Unsecure Password Management:

When users are responsible for different passwords for each application, they inevitably reuse, create easy, or use personal information in passwords.

Labor Intensive Onboarding and Offboarding:

When an employee starts or leaves an organization, your IT team must manually give or revoke access to all applications. The time and resources involved often take weeks, delaying the new employee’s productivity, creating security risks by not promptly removing access, and creating friction between departments.

The HelloID Access Management Module is a secure single sign on solution that allows employees to easily access all online applications and resources needed without being responsible for dozens of passwords and security protools.

Now your organization can enforce secure and stronger authentication, protect network and cloud applications, and easily onboard new employees in a matter of minutes. You can give them a single portal and one single username and password to easily access all required applications.

You can also apply multifactor authentication (with secondary authentication methods) to provide increased security in accessing an organization’s applications.

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