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Active Compliance and Certification

Reduce IT security risks and ensure compliance with Tools4ever.

Stay Secure and Compliant, Anytime, Anywhere

Reduce Risk

Manual efforts are insufficient compared to real insight, management controls, role-based access, and automated processes. Tools4ever’s solutions minimize the IT security risks you face.

Ensure Compliance

Our solutions log all user and admin activity while tracking every process stage. Readily available reports eliminate surprises, ensuring your organization can trace who did what and when thus ensuring compliance.

Secure Empowerment

Empower your end users and remote workers the secure way! Reduce access request helpdesk calls by utilizing secure employee self-service access request web forms anytime and from anywhere, 24/7.

Low-Level Security and Audit-Compliance Measures

Today, every organization’s most important resources are its people and its data. Unfortunately, both are vulnerable without proper identity management processes or authentication measures.

Security and audit-compliance measures must be implemented at the lowest level—Identity. A few years ago, semi-automated procedures and a few scripts were sufficient to comply. Shared accounts and passwords were still common. No longer. Management, boards of directors, and security officers are realizing the security and compliance benefits of professional IDaaS solutions.

Nearly every system requires, at a minimum, a username and password to verify a user’s identity in addition to an access control list (ACL). This is a reality that is unfortunately out of anyone’s control. However, what is in your control is how you manage an application’s ACL and where users sit within the ACL across your organization.

Are user entitlements manually assigned? How do you account for improper entitlement assignments or permission creep? How long does it take for IT to be notified a user is no longer an employee?

These are questions that our solutions can help you answer without compromising your security.

Improved Security and Efficiency

Secure Provisioning and Deprovisioning

Provisioning and deprovisioning are two of the most common processes that potentially can become a security risk. Whether manual or automated, a poorly designed provisioning ecosystem can run havoc across an organization, with the risk of wrong user entitlements and orphaned accounts across multiple systems.

Our solutions secure your provisioning ecosystem by allowing you to design a strict role-based access control entitlement matrix. In addition, our solutions automatically disable accounts when users leave the organization or are moved to a new position rather than waiting for a notice, which can be a few days later.

Pause for Principle of Least Privilege

Here at Tools4ever, we believe in the concept of Principle Of Least Privilege (POLP). Our consultancy staff and your security professionals can design simple but complex role models and business rules to help with POLP.

Our IDM solutions, use role-based access controls (RBAC) to define strict role models and business rules. As a result, this guarantees that when users are processed through our provisioning engines, their entitlements, and access rights are assigned based on your organization’s requirements.

Passwords Are Painful

Passwords are a common target for hackers. Improve security by allowing your users to easily access all their applications from a single dashboard with single sign-on (SSO) and multifactor authentication (MFA). In addition, using SSO allows for stronger passwords on an individual level since the SSO product is doing the actual authentication.

SSO helps improve security and is a more efficient way of dealing with multiple applications with different password complexity requirements. It also streamlines the end user’s login process.


Repeat Password: Stop using the same password for multiple applications.


Single Sign-On (SSO): Solve the problem of weak or written down passwords by letting multiusers authenticate to all their apps with just a single, strong password.


Multifactor Authentication (MFA): Implement adaptive MFA to enforce extra credential security without burdening end users.


Full Audits: Log all user and admin activity, such as authentication attempts, unique logins, resource requests, and more.

Streamlined Authentication

Individual applications and services are increasingly enforcing stricter security through their own unique authentication processes. However, without a central hub, this effectively doubles both login effort and cost—especially if each provider enforces their own MFA method your organization now has to support.

By contrast, once a user is logged into the HelloID dashboard, SSO protocols ensure automatic authentication into individual resources. For additional security, MFA can be enforced at the application level for resources storing sensitive data. HelloID provides streamlined authentication for all users by eliminating the repetitive and complicated logins each service or app requires otherwise.

HelloID 100% Cloud-Based IDaaS

HelloID is Tools4ever’s premier cloud-based identity management solution that adheres to strict cloud-based security protocols and third-party penetration testing.

Security You Can Trust

We implement several security standards to ensure internal and external security. Various technical security standards include HTTPS, SSL certificates, RSA, and AES encryption.


Secure Communication: HelloID web servers communicate with components over the internet using HTTPS. The level of encryption is TLS 1.2, AES with 256-bit encryption.


Backup: Backups are stored and encrypted in multiple data centers in the Azure Cloud for protection/ resiliency.


Zero Trust (that you can trust): Increase security with multifactor authentication (MFA) for any application or even the entire portal.

We Provide Backups for Peace of Mind

Your data is backed up, encrypted, and stored in multiple data centers for maximum redundancy. In the event of a disaster, your information can be recovered and restored to any point in time. This recovery can be completed as needed or upon customer request.

We create backups within very short periods of time (e.g., SQL DB backups). These can be used to restore your instance to the specific cloud environment from any point in time. Backups are stored and encrypted in multiple data centers in the Azure Cloud for protection/ resiliency. Restoring a customer’s instance can be performed anytime on request.

Enhanced Endpoint Security

HelloID provides enhanced endpoint security that can be customized to meet your needs. Such as:

  • Two-Factor
  • Time of Day
  • Date Ranges
  • Device Location
  • Security Access Groups
  • In-Network/Out-of-Network
  • Checking the IP address of the user’s device

Penetration Testing by Deloitte

Besides the in-house testing done by our team of security experts, our HelloID infrastructure is externally tested twice a year by the top-class ethical hackers of Deloitte according to NCSC ICT-B v2 guidelines & use of OWASP.

Deloitte is an independent, highly qualified market leader in information security and was ranked first in global Security Consulting Services for six consecutive years by Gartner. By proactively and frequently testing our security solutions, we can meet and exceed security requirements while complying with relevant industry standards.

For Tools4ever, this is always an important test. It keeps our experts sharp and stimulates the ongoing improvement of our technology and services. For you as a customer, it is important to know that independent specialists test the HelloID solution every 6 months with a critical eye to discover any vulnerabilities before they can lead to any harm.

Why A Security Test by External “Ethical Hackers”?

As a company developing Identity & Access Management products, we have many security experts within our ranks. So naturally, we frequently ask our experts to try to attack our solutions. Nevertheless, we think it is important that there is also a regular evaluation of our systems by external experts. Such external tests prevent the occurrence of blind spots and assist us with an extra pair of eyes.

By choosing the ethical hackers of Deloitte, we have opted for guaranteed independent and highly qualified security experts. It is crucial to us that Deloitte verifies the integrity of all its experts so that you, as a customer, can be sure that the test results are not misused in any way.

Scope of the Security Test

The biannual survey is not a “paper tiger.” It is not just a desk review of our solutions’ design and specifications. Instead, the test consists of a large number of attempts by professional, ethical hackers to attack them.

These ethical hackers have been trained to look at IT systems from the point of view of an experienced cybercriminal to recognize vulnerabilities that others might overlook. They use, for example, the NCSC ICT-B v2 guidelines and the OWASP Top 10 Application Security Risks of 2013 and 2017.

The test procedure naturally includes the traditional black box tests. Such tests are aimed at getting unauthorized access to functionality and data without knowledge of the system. However, in our application security tests, the testers also execute so-called gray box tests. A gray box test looks for security weaknesses in specific parts of HelloID, using inside information about the design and operation of the software. Finally, we look at the possibilities for authorized users within the system. Do they have unintended possibilities which go beyond what’s necessary for their role?

The industry has known for a long time that fraud and cybercrime often take place from within organizations. So, at Tools4ever, we not only test the quality of our “front door” but also look at the security of the application against someone authorized to use it.

The tests cover the full range of potential vulnerabilities, from system reports providing too many details to the presence of cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities.

Regulatory Compliance

Active Compliance

Tools4ever has an active compliance and certification policy. A recent example of this is our HelloID OpenID certification. The HelloID OpenID certification confirms the high quality of the OpenID Connect implementation as part of our HelloID Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) solution. This further reinforces our customers’ confidence in the quality of our services.

Our cloud IDaaS provider, Microsoft Azure, maintains the largest compliance portfolio in the industry in terms of breadth (total number of offerings) and depth (number of customer-facing services). Compliance covers major, globally applicable standards and certifications.

Track Activity

Our solutions automatically log all admin and user activity for management’s overview, user tracking, and audit preparation. When a dynamic form is submitted and the associated process carried out, our solutions store a record of the activity’s “who, what, and when.” Reporting capabilities allow admins to review these actions to ensure network security and regulatory compliance. Our solutions easily show who has accessed what, and Dynamic Forms allow admins to rapidly make adjustments as needed. Managers and end users may also monitor their submitted forms and self-service requests to track progression.

Industry-Specific Privacy Laws and Regulations

Organizations nowadays face increasing regulatory challenges. From educational to healthcare and financial organizations, they must adhere to strict regulations such as Data Privacy Laws, SOX, HIPAA, and more.

Educational Organizations

Schools must observe strict Data Privacy Laws requiring all school districts to enforce complete protection of student information records. While a district may have put standard procedures and solutions in place to assist in these efforts, sometimes this is not enough. For example, school districts have become prime targets for ransomware attacks as many attackers have realized the value of a student’s personal information to the school district.

Our IDM solutions limit the risk of student data leaks and can assist your school district in complying with the current student data privacy laws and regulations.


Privacy in healthcare is essential because it concerns sensitive patient information that is viewed, updated, and shared with other healthcare providers.

Industry-standard regulations such as HIPAA and GDPR reflect this need by tightening the rules for the storage and processing of personal data. These rules are even more uncompromising for European organizations due to the NEN 7510 information standard.

Tools4ever solutions help healthcare organizations ensure compliance in several ways. For example, HIPAA compliance requirements mean that employees may not be deleted from Active Directory for an extended period of time. By automating the deprovisioning process, not only is an account disabled when a user leaves the organization but all security privileges are also removed from any future access.

Financial Services

Protecting sensitive and confidential information is critical for organizations in the financial services industry. Our solutions’ comprehensive audit logs and reporting help you meet your compliance requirements quickly and easily for SOX and any other regulations. Prove who had access to what, when, and why.

No matter what your industry, Tools4ever solutions will help your organization stay secure and compliant.

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