Tools4ever Solutions for Managed Service Providers

Transition Your Clients to the Cloud

The cloud is here. Is your MSP ready to help customer organizations make the most of it? With Tools4ever, you can support your customers transition from on-premise to cloud identity management so they can self-manage their data.

Provide Your Customers with More. Provide Them with Cutting-Edge IT.

Account Provisioning

Automated processes and delegated forms manage end-to-end user account lifecycles, covering all your customers’ provisioning and deprovisioning needs.

Self-Service Automation

Users can request access to new resources right from HelloID’s cloud dashboard, pending managerial approval. Let your customers determine who needs what, and let us process the rest.

Adaptive Authentication

Strong authentication and role-based access policies let you streamline customer logins with configurations suited to their needs.

Cloud Single Sign-On

Our SSO solution helps with logins to cloud resources via the same portal to minimize the productivity hurdles users face when repeatedly authenticating.

Tools4ever Solutions

The life of an MSP is extremely complicated when it comes to providing user management processes to its customer base. Whether you have a single customer or thousands, helping the customer to automate and self-manage their customer base is important.

Tools4ever has two identity management (IDM) provisioning products, HelloID and NIM, that help MSPs solve this problem. Both HelloID and NIM empower MSPs to manage the user provisioning processes. However, they take different approaches to the use lifecycle management process.

HelloID is a 100% cloud-based solution focused on small to medium-sized organizations. NIM is an on-premise solution designed for large, multi-system environments. This MSP webpage is focused on the on-premise to cloud-based migration journey.

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Protect Your Data and Streamline Your Operations

Cloud infrastructure provides today’s primary IT deployment method. However, organizations confronting the transformative migration of their IT landscape from on-premises to an external cloud environment are often daunted.

That’s where the role of Tools4ever and MSPs come in. We both provide consultative expertise and IT management to help our partners with this disruptive but extremely beneficial (and increasingly necessary) transition.

HelloID, Tools4ever’s cloud-based IDaaS products, are readily implemented in your and your customers’ environments to bring you all the way to the cutting edge.

Powerful Account Management Where You Need It

Easy Account Setup

Provisioning to set up new user accounts with all downstream resources.

Self-Service Platform

Allows users to request resources directly from their manager or the appropriate decision-maker.

Custom Access Policies

Configurable, strong access policies such as date/time, IP address, and conditional Multifactor Authentication.

Increase in Efficiency

SSO and a personalized cloud dashboard greatly increase efficiency and security while eliminating repetitive logins.

Peace of Mind

Multifactor authentication (MFA) fully included “out-of-box” at both SSO portal and app levels.

High-Level Insight

Audit trails that comprehensively log all user activity for detailed records.

A Comprehensive Cloud Solution

Migrating an organization to the cloud is far more than simple application rollouts. It also means adapting their methods and processes to best suit modern business environments and a drastically different way of working.

The days of direct access to on-premises resources are quickly disappearing. Now, every cloud-hosted resource requires its own accounts, login processes, and management. Account creation, provisioning, enforcing secure access, deactivation, and more are all rapidly transforming. With such comes the need for Multifactor Authentication (MFA), seamless integrations, self-service platforms, and insightful business intelligence to keep pace with your customers’ industry and technology advancements.

Is your MSP ready to support your customers’ cloud migrations with cutting-edge technologies backed by the knowledge base to provide continuous business consultancy, IT management, and technical support?

Tools4ever Training

We want to ensure our MSP partners are as knowledgeable about Tools4ever solutions as we are, so we provide training covering the full scope of the product. This allows you to fully manage your customers’ implemented instances on your own.

IDaaS Experts & HelloID’s Solution Suite

For over 20 years, Tools4ever has been a leading Identity and Access Management vendor. We manage over 10 million user accounts across our solutions, partnering with organizations across various sectors ranging from 50 to more than 200,000 employees.

Our tools are fully designed, developed, and tested to meet any organization’s cloud management needs. Our IDaaS solution suite helps our partners manage Identity and Access Governance (IAG), Single Sign-On (SSO), provisioning, self-service, delegated workflows, role modeling, password resets, and more.

HelloID can provide comprehensive solutions with an organization’s User Account Management process, thus ensuring:

Security: Increased data security for your data and resources.
Control: Greater control over your IT environment.
Awareness: Insights into which applications and resources are used.
HelloID automates the entire Identity lifecycle process. As a result, users get easy and secure access to their IT services, and the IT Departments are relieved of the burden of maintaining costly local hardware, software, and storage infrastructure. This is achieved through three HelloID modules, Account Provisioning, Service Automation, and Access Management. You are free to start with the module(s) of your choice.


Using Personally Identifiable Information (PII) reinforces the importance of eliminating potential errors when managing active and inactive user accounts. Our solutions allow your account management process to be fully automated by acting as a single source of trust by connecting to your personnel system and then pushing the appropriate data to downstream applications. As a result, user account creation, deactivation, and changes, including permission rights, are processed quickly, effortlessly, and flawlessly, compared to manual provisioning, where there can be delays, errors, and inconsistencies.

Service Automation

For the processes that can’t be fully automated, you can use the Service Automation module to manage your resources via an employee self-service helpdesk. This tool allows employees to request access to applications or resources via an online portal. Requests can be approved in one simple click. No matter your role in the organization, HelloID can help in your day-to-day tasks by streamlining, centralizing, and automating the things you need them to do.

Simplified Access and Security

HelloID authentication and access policies limit potential data breaches by offering a secure, universal dashboard for all of your applications, accessible via Single Sign-On (SSO). Importantly, Multifactor Authentication is provided out-of-the-box, letting you implement an additional security layer at both the dashboard and individual application levels.

The advantages of MFA include the following:

  1. Increased Protection: Implementing MFA provides an extra layer of security that dramatically decreases the risk of a ransomware attack.
  2. Options to Choose from: There are many different types of MFA that your institution can choose from, such as Push to Verify, Security Key, or a Token.
  3. Pair with Single Sign-On: MFA can be used in conjunction with Single Sign-On (SSO) so that students don’t have to complete this process for each application.

Automate User Provisioning

Automate provisioning for the entire user account lifecycle. With HelloID in place, you can completely automate user account management, from provisioning to updates to deactivation. Many organizations require their IT departments to manually manage the creation and deletion of user accounts. These tasks often take up most of the department’s time, keeping them from working on other core tasks.

HelloID’s robust processes let the organization create user accounts automatically, replacing processes that involve manual script executions to create the accounts. Additionally, they can automatically synchronize data between applications, thus letting the IT department transition from being completely involved in the user account creation/deletion process to only monitoring it. Thus, the most important benefit of the implementation is efficiency. No longer does IT have to spend time performing repetitive processes that are involved in user account management.

As soon as a new user enters the system, the account is automatically created, and they can start working on day one instead of waiting for days. In addition, the process also deletes the account when the user withdraws, and the active directory is no longer littered with orphaned accounts. Since many applications organizations use are based on the number of user accounts, the Tools4ever solutions help prevent those costs from inflating.

Reduction in Resources Needed

With HelloID in place, your clients can focus on more important projects other than account management. This will lead to a major reduction in time. For example, creating user accounts will now be done in just a few minutes, whereas before, IT would have to spend an entire morning creating accounts if there were multiple new users.

Free up the Helpdesk

Besides automating user provisioning processes, HelloID can also implement a self-service password management solution. Helpdesks are often burdened with password reset requests, leaving them little time to focus on other tasks. Our Self-Service Reset Password Management solution can immediately reduce helpdesk calls. Users can now reset their Active Directory password anytime by answering several simple, predefined questions.

The “Forgot My Password” button is integrated seamlessly into the Windows login screen, so there is no need to call or submit a support ticket. In addition, fewer password reset-related calls to the IT helpdesk means more time for the helpdesk to focus on other tasks.

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