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Built to Adapt to Change

Our team is experienced in helping our clients navigate today’s complex identity management challenges and apply actionable solutions.

Powerful and Flexible Solutions for Enterprises

Account Provisioning

Streamline access to all your resources.

Self-Service and Workflow

Quickly adapt to changing business needs and enable end users to succeed.

Access Management

Securely access your digital world from one convenient dashboard with just a single login.


Boost productivity and optimize efficiency by eliminating costly and unreliable manual processes.

Password Management

Reduce password-related helpdesk calls by up to 80% thanks to Self-Service Reset, SSO, MFA, and more.


Enhance your security with Single Sign-On (SSO), Multifactor Authentication (MFA), Identity and Access Management (IAM), and Access Governance (AG).


Mitigate your risk and reduce your worries. Coming into compliance is easy with audit logs that are right at your fingertips.

Role-Based Access Control

Structurally assign user access to resources according to employees’ job functions.

Tools4ever for Your Organization

With more than 10 million managed user accounts, Tools4ever is one of the Identity and Access Management market leaders. We serve a wide range of organizations varying in size from 50 to more than 200,000 user accounts. Educational bodies, care institutions, as well as governmental and financial organizations are among those using Tools4ever’s solutions.

Automated Provisioning

Ditch manual management with automated and form-triggered provisioning processes for rapid, consistent execution every time. No more wait times.

Service Automation

Empower end users with Service Automation. Give employees the ability to request resources. Offer managers the simplicity of one-click approval.

Streamlined Access

Ensure that the right people retain secure access to the right resources. Provide your users with access at any time, on any device, from any location.

Enhanced Security

Your security receives immediate benefits from role-based entitlements, single sign-on, multifactor authentication, configurable access policies, access governance, audit trails, insightful reports, biannual tests by Deloitte, and robust data encryption.

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Why Tools4ever?

Building a successful organization that competes in today’s business climate requires all of your focus. Unfortunately, recurring IT management challenges divert your attention from ensuring that exemplary products and services reach your customers.

Our IT management expertise allows us to design, develop, and deliver solutions that minimize or entirely eliminate these challenges.

From process automation and optimization to tools for management and end users, stop fretting over fixing operational issues and start getting excited over opportunities to be chased.

Technology should make life easier and help drive your organization forward. With Tools4ever’s solutions, that is the case.

Easy Identity and Access Management

Identity management is easier than ever with automated processes, role-based access controls (RBAC), delegated forms, and audit trails.

Enable Users to Achieve More

Your users are not tech novices these days. Provide them with a secure way to request access to resources required for their daily duties. Self-service increases productivity, allows resource managers to approve access, and reclaims IT bandwidth.

Reduce IT Friction and Reclaim Bandwidth

When your IT staff sinks massive efforts into managing your users, you are wasting resources. Our solutions streamline management to let IT tackle more impactful projects.

For example, Tools4ever solutions typically let helpdesk employees make changes to employee accounts from a standard, web-based form. Our software then automatically synchronizes those changes with the appropriate systems and applications. This allows the helpdesk to easily make changes without having elevated rights in the network—and frees up precious IT time.

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Is IAM Right for Your Organization?

Switching to an identity and access management solution benefits most organizations in a multitude of ways. Use the questions below to evaluate your need for an automated provisioning solution.

Do you want to manage identities centrally?

Cloud-based IAM solutions allow you to centralize identity management in a single location. With this approach, all identity management activities occur within the same system. If you currently have multiple identity management systems, then you should consider whether a cloud-based IAM solution would work better for your organization.

How much time do you spend maintaining your current infrastructure?

The cost of maintaining your existing identity management infrastructure can be significant. You could reduce these expenses by migrating to our cloud-based solution, HelloID. If you need an on-premise solution, NIM may be the right solution for your organization.

What kind of support does your current identity management solution offer?

Tools4ever supports your organization throughout implementation—and far beyond with 24/7 support for your needs.

Does your current identity management solution accommodate future growth?

Tools4ever offers scalable, modular solutions that can be scaled according to your current and future needs.

How well does your current identity management system integrate with other systems? Is it possible to add new functionality to your existing identity management system?

Here at Tools4ever, we understand the need for seamless system integration and have built an extensive list of connectors over the past 20 years for our evolving user provisioning products.

Are you currently facing security challenges from manual provisioning?

Security is always a concern when choosing a technology. A cloud-based identity management system provides additional layers of protection against unauthorized access. These layers include firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and encryption.

What is the real cost of your current provisioning system or software?

Many enterprise-level provisioning solutions include tools and expenses not needed by your organization, with few options to pay for only what you need. On the other hand, manual processes are labor-intensive for your IT department. HelloID offers a modular approach to features, thus ensuring that you only pay for what your organization needs rather than what the software solution provider believes you should use.

How long will it take to implement, learn, and train in a new IAM system?

With Tools4ever, onboarding is simple. You can have peace of mind that implementation will be fast and well-supported. Our technicians will help you scope out your provisioning processes, get them up and running, connect with your existing infrastructure, and look at other functionality that could be helpful for you.

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