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Healthcare workers require access to various applications and resources. As a result, IT departments are challenged with complex work environments, heightened security threats, and an abundance of help desk tickets. HelloID was developed with these challenges in mind for small to medium-sized healthcare organizations. It is a simple and affordable solution for managing the user lifecycle. Everything from permanent employees to temporary traveling nurses, HelloID's professional role-based business policies guarantee the correct access from day one. In addition, its automated account provisioning is securely in the cloud and acts as a single source of trust between HR, Active Directory, and third-party downstream systems.

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“Day One” Provisioning

Automatically grant fully provisioned accounts to new employees and temporary staff.

Streamlined Application Access

Access all of your applications from one convenient dashboard.

Digitized Access Request Forms

Streamline your processes and make everyone’s life a little easier.

Compliance Consistency

Role-based access controls help you enforce compliance. Audit trails and reports help you prove it.

You care for others. We care for you.

Caring for patients is serious business. And so is taking care of your identity infrastructure. That’s where we come in. From creating accounts automatically for new and returning employees, to letting those employees reset their own passwords at 3 AM, we’ve got you covered. Our identity solutions streamline employee access to healthcare and line-of-business applications, letting them shift their focus back to what matters most: patient care.

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HelloID is the Identity and Access Management Solution for Healthcare
A Simple & Affordable Solution for Healthcare

HelloID was developed with small to mid-sized healthcare organizations in mind. Its automated account provisioning is securely in the cloud and acts as a single source of trust between HR, Active Directory, and third-party downstream systems.

Auditing Made Easy

HelloID provides extensive reports that grant insight into who has accessed which applications, at what time, and from where. Through HelloID's detailed activity logs, you can identify and prevent a user from holding onto unnecessary rights or licenses and truly begin securing access to your resources.

Complex User Accounts Simplified

Many healthcare organizations are challenged with provisioning employees with multiple roles and/or locations. For example, a doctor may rotate between buildings or an employee may also be a student.

Tools4ever's identity management solution, HelloID, simplifies the provisioning process with role-based access controls. HelloID can configure everything from permanent employees to temporary traveling nurses with the correct access to all resources on their first day.

Trusted Security

HelloID gets tested biannually by Deloitte and data is encrypted with an RSA 1024-bit key. SSRPM encodes data with irreversible SSHA 256 encoding.

Boost your security with configurable access policies, single sign-on, multifactor authentication, access governance, and audit trails.

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