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Identity and IT infrastructure challenges only get in the way of serving your mission and community.

Stop tackling internal obstacles and fully focus on concrete efforts that advance your real goals.

IT challenges prevent pursuing opportunities to help your community.

Non-profits need to focus on opportunities to successfully pursue their mission. Operational hurdles and inefficiencies get in the way of providing the most benefit. Internal IT issues can bring your external efforts to a grinding halt.

Intuitive IT management and a streamlined end user experience keeps your non-profit tackling the challenges it was founded to solve.

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Streamline Account Management

Automated provisioning ensures that new employees can start with all the resources needed on Day 1. Processes maintain up-to-date, role-based access regardless of changes.

Rapid & Flexible Processes

Optimize your operations with intuitive management processes—including manager-approved self-service. Reclaim IT bandwidth. Reduce costs.

Cloud Desktop & SSO

HelloID’s dashboard, single sign-on (SSO), and strong authentication processes provide end users with access on any device, from any location, at any time.

IT & Data Security

Configurable access policies, multifactor authentication, automated offboarding, and audit trails secure your IT environment and stored data.

Greater efficiency + Reduced Costs = Maximized Benefit

While bottom-line concerns aren’t quite as important as in other industries, expending effort and resources on managing IT challenges detracts from serving your community.

Many non-profits operate with smaller teams or IT staff, so maximizing output is critical.

Flexibility to Pursue Opportunity

Whether grant cycles, dedicated funding, or an ad hoc initiative, non-profits juggle various projects and hiring additional staff for varied durations.

Tools4ever’s solutions provide your organization with IT management to flexibly pursue all your varied opportunities to the max.

Remote Access

Depending on your non-profit’s operations and focus, providing remote access is critical for employees working on-site, in the field, out-of-office, at different locations, or at events.

Securing Sensitive Data

Non-profits store Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from their target communities and demographics. Failing to protect this sensitive data puts those you help at risk.

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