Princeton Public Schools Case Study

Case Study Overview:

  • Client:  Princeton Public Schools
  • Challenge:  Manually managing activation, deactivation, and email group inclusion for staff and student accounts posed a significant hurdle, often resulting in delays and operational inefficiencies.
  • Solution:  HelloID seamlessly integrated with the school district’s existing systems and software infrastructure, automating their identity management process.
  • Products: HelloID, Skyward, Google Workspace
  • Result: Integrating HelloID shifted the school district’s identity management practices by enhancing security measures and increasing efficiency.


Boosting Efficiency: Optimizing Identity Management for Princeton Public Schools

In the rapidly evolving landscape of education, effective identity management is important for ensuring security, efficiency, and compliance with regulations. This case study details how Princeton Public Schools ISD 477 navigated through operational and security challenges and, ultimately, transformed its identity management practices by integrating HelloID, an innovative Identity Management Software.

Challenges Before HelloID

Before adopting HelloID, the school district faced several pressing challenges, including timely account activation for staff and students, which posed as a significant hurdle, often resulting in delays and operational inefficiencies. Additionally, managing email group inclusion proved to be a difficult manual task. Lastly, ensuring proper deactivation of accounts for departing staff and students was a critical concern, leaving the district vulnerable to security risks and compliance issues.

Evaluation and Selection of HelloID

The school district explored various options for a robust identity management solution. Having previously utilized a cumbersome identity management system, HelloID stood out for its cost-effectiveness, ease of setup, and responsive support team. HelloID proved to be straightforward with its setup for the school district as “there was not a lot of extra baggage to sift through,” said Jasen Webb, the Technology Coordinator at Princeton Public Schools ISD 477. This made HelloID a clear choice over other solutions.

”Creating and managing email groups automatically has been a huge help for the district.”

Jasen Webb, Technology Coordinator, Princeton Public Schools

Key Product Highlights

Integration and Adaptability: HelloID seamlessly integrated with the school district’s existing systems and software infrastructure, offering a frictionless deployment experience. Previously, the school district faced challenges with integrating Google Workspace accounts. However, HelloID resolved these issues by establishing a direct link between their Skyward SIS and Google Workspace, managing the full user lifecycle process. This enhancement significantly streamlined the management of both staff and student accounts.

Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity: The implementation of HelloID led to a new era of efficiency and productivity for the school district. Manual staff and student account creation and management processes were automated, resulting in substantial time savings and resource optimization. Webb states, “Creating and managing email groups automatically has been a huge help for the district.” Making simple rules within HelloID to apply memberships gave the school district better control over access to their systems. Thanks to HelloID, the school district saved significant amounts of time and effort. At the beginning of the school year, days’ worth of work were no longer necessary, allowing the IT department to focus on normal day-to-day tasks. The automation provided by HelloID also saved HR and IT hours of work that were previously spent deactivating staff and student accounts to remove access.

Security Enhancement and Compliance: HelloID played a pivotal role in boosting security measures within the school district. By automating the disabling of staff accounts upon departure, HelloID mitigated the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive data, safeguarding the school district’s intellectual property and confidential information. HelloID’s history function also enabled meticulous tracking of the automated account activations and entitlements, fostering transparency and accountability.

Consultancy and Support

Throughout the implementation journey, HelloID’s customer support proved to be top-tier. Responsive, knowledgeable, and efficient, the support team provided helpful assistance at every stage of the process. Post-implementation support has been equally commendable, ensuring smooth operations and swift resolution of any issues.

Future Outlook and Endorsement

The school district envisions HelloID playing a pivotal role in its long-term strategic objectives. As familiarity with the platform grows, the school district plans to leverage additional features and functionalities to optimize employee and student management processes. Princeton Public Schools ISD strongly recommends HelloID to similar educational organizations seeking to streamline identity management operations.


The integration of HelloID was a transformative shift in the school district’s identity management practices, addressing operational challenges, enhancing security measures, and driving efficiency gains. With its seamless integration, robust features, and unparalleled support, HelloID emerged as a cornerstone solution for Princeton Public Schools ISD identity management needs, allowing them to invest more time into other projects that needed to be completed.