Tronox Case Study

Case Study Overview:

  • Client: Tronox
  • Challenge: Acquisitions and mergers have led to complications within Tronox’s very complex IT environment. Service automation is an important step in the planned IT optimization program. Tronox set a condition that the solution must seamlessly integrate with their existing TOPdesk ITSM software.
  • Solution: HelloID, Tools4ever’s cloud-based IDaaS solution providing Service Automation, has been rolled out and integrated with Tronox’s TOPdesk software.
  • Products and connectors: HelloID Service Automation, TOPdesk integration.
  • Result: Users can request access to applications themselves via HelloID. Their manager can approve the request with one click, after which the change is automatically processed in the IT infrastructure. In addition to greater operational efficiency, the workload for Tronox’s helpdesk has decreased.


Tronox Group Introduces HelloID Service Automation

Tronox is a worldwide producer of high-quality titanium dioxide that has started a program to automate their access management of IT resources. Tools4ever’s HelloID solution plays a central role in this initiative, integrated with the TOPdesk IT Service Management system used globally by Tronox.

Tronox supplies products to paint, coating, plastic, and other manufacturing industries. Mergers and acquisitions have led to the establishment of a diverse IT environment accessed by 3,000 employees across 4 continents. Having announced another acquisition, this complicated IT environment will only become more complex. As a result, Tronox’s IT management has highly prioritized the harmonic integration of its various systems.

By incorporating self-service and automation, Tronox’s IT department intends to streamline their environment. Rick Davies, IT Lead at Tronox, explains: “IT optimization is a lengthy process, of course. However, an important step is the introduction of self-service and service automation. We want employees to be able to access applications quickly and easily without intervention from the helpdesk. Tronox decided that Tools4ever provide the perfect solution via HelloID’s Service Automation.

“The powerful combination of HelloID Service Automation and TOPdesk provides highly simplified management processes and a stronger focus on innovation.”

Rick Davies, IT Lead at Tronox

Easy access to applications via self-service portal

Davies explains the choice for HelloID: “TOPdesk IT Service Management processes included several manual helpdesk actions. However, the automation of these actions within TOPdesk itself is complex. Integration with HelloID makes this automation easy to achieve. TOPdesk remains our leading ITSM portal, but employees can now easily request access to applications via the self-service portal. The manager can approve the request with a single click, after which the change is automatically processed. Multi-step approval is also supported.

Reliable integration between HelloID and TOPdesk

HelloID proved to be the obvious choice for this service automation project. One of the foremost advantages was the seamless integration with Tronox’s TOPdesk ITSM. Davies: “TOPdesk is the central system within our IT management organization. We have rolled out all modules of this solution worldwide. HelloID is a certified TOPdesk partner, which guarantees good integration. That is an important consideration for us to prevent risky integration processes and high management costs.”

Starting point for further process automation

This automated access management means a significant efficiency gain. Still, it is only the first step for Davies: “Tronox is active in a dynamic industry, and the announced acquisition will only increase the dynamics. As a next step, we also want to automate the inflow, internal flow and outflow of employees – including automated onboarding and offboarding.” With the built-in Role Based Access Controls and Access Governance functionality, HelloID also plays a key role in these plans.

Step up to further IT innovation

Service automation is an important development at Tronox to free IT staff for IT innovation projects. Davies: “That is an important goal for us. Because we need less IT capacity for operational activities, the IT department can fully focus on innovation. And this is not limited to IT optimization. We are also actively working on our ISO 27001 certification, and the extensive reporting functions in HelloID support our IT governance plans.”

HelloID benefits

  • One portal for all business applications
  • Fully automated Access Management
  • Structural decrease of manual help desk tasks
  • Seamless integration with TOPdesk
  • Fast implementation with immediate results
  • 100% cloud-based and future-proof solution