L&Q Group Case Study

Case Study Overview:

  • Client: L&Q Group
  • Results: With HelloID Provisioning now in place, the IT Department at L&Q is much more efficient. Where with UMRA L&Q had to contact Tools4ever to make any necessary changes, now, with HelloID, they can simply make any required changes themselves. L&Q plans to add more connectors for downstream applications moving forward, and as HelloID supports PowerShell, L&Q is confident they can add as many connectors as are required to support the business needs of the enterprise.


The Implementation of Automated Provisioning with HelloID

Prior to HelloID provisioning

UMRA, our legacy provisioning solution, was launched well before the hybrid cloud and is still used as a reliable and robust provisioning solution by many clients today. Take L&Q, for example, who first purchased UMRA in 2006 and have been using the solution ever since.

However, with the passing of time, and with Microsoft introducing Office 365, UMRA became more complex and difficult to manage. This led to many UMRA “projects” running in sync just to achieve the end user’s requirements.

Enter HelloID, the first platform of its kind to deliver a full identity ecosystem; Access Control, SSO, Self Service, Data Management, Delegation & User Lifecycle Management – all driven from a single, user-friendly dashboard.

HelloID is now fully configured to read data from MHR iTrent and provision new users, update group memberships for existing users and disable leavers.

Automated account management

L&Q have been an MHR client for many years, using iTrent as their HR package. UMRA, which was still hosted on site by L&Q, was configured to read SQL views on the data from iTrent containing create, update, move and disable commands.

To make HelloID work for L&Q, a change needed to be made to add all current users and leavers to a SQL view to enable HelloID to read the data. Once completed by MHR, HelloID’s configuration allowed for the consolidation of users.

As UMRA was previously in place at L&Q, HelloID was in good shape from day one to correctly add users to the HelloID vault and begin the provisioning process. L&Q then started to create business rules to connect to Active Directory, and the system was scheduled to run.

Steve Smith, of L&Q Group, said: “To move from UMRA to HelloID with few glitches is quite an achievement, everything is now in place for the correct synchronisation between our HR and Active Directory.”

Easier to manage, monitor and make changes

Making the move from a provisioning system that is touching on 15 years old and had become complex to manage and configure to HelloID was a breath of fresh air for L&Q.

Michael Northwood, of L&Q Group, said: “Changes to group memberships based on data from our HR system is a breeze, just a couple of clicks in the HelloID GUI and we are all done for the next scheduled run. The report and auditing within HelloID are excellent, we can see all changes it has made to Active Directory and, subsequently, Azure AD.”

“Changes to group memberships based on data from our HR system is a breeze, just a couple of clicks in the HelloID GUI and we are all done for the next scheduled run…”

Michael Nortwood, L&Q Group

Service Automation

The next step for L&Q is to add the Service Automation module to HelloID. Service Automation offers dedicated Service Desk functions to the Provisioning module, along with Self Service functions for end users. This means anything that is not covered by the provisioning system can be managed with Service Automation, from application password reset to Azure group changes, to the creation of accounts – all with advanced workflow.