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Due to the changes of employees, managers, and holiday workers at the locations, it was a challenge to keep track of different login details. Employees were confronted with ten websites with location-specific user names and passwords.

Albron implements cloud single sign-on for 1,000 locations and 4,500 employees

Albron works for companies and governments, at schools and universities, in hospitals and care institutions, at events and in day and residence recreation. Some 4,500 employees are active in nearly 1,000 locations in the Netherlands. During the work, employees, managers and holiday workers regularly change location. There are ten websites on which they have to log in, but not everyone always knows the location-specific user names and passwords. The wish for Single Sign-On (SSO) was strong from within the organization, a wish that had been an important item on the agenda during the management talks for a long time.

Albron invents, builds and manages food concepts with a story. Based on a great sense of hospitality, delicious, healthy and sustainable food & drinks, demonstrable involvement, trust in solid collaborations and the courage to do things differently. That sum offers clients added value with financial benefits, their guests a warm welcome, employees a pleasant employer, suppliers a strong partner and society an organization that shapes the future. In this way, they have created valuable moments for more than 100 years for everyone involved in Albron.

Paul Vermeer, system administrator at Albron: “We want to keep it simple. Employees at the locations generally have little affinity with ICT. Supplier websites and webshops are often difficult to log in. We did not think it would be a good idea to develop a link with all these parties. “Websites from suppliers and web shops with small IT departments usually do not offer SSO opportunities. The challenge was to provide employees SSO without burdening suppliers with complex technical projects. Paul Vermeer: “We had been looking for such an application for quite some time. A tool must help us and have no influence on how the supplier has set up its authentication methodology technically. “With the implementation of the SSO Portal HelloID, it is no longer necessary for Albron employees to log in separately on the various websites. The lead-time for orders has improved and the frustrations at the locations have been removed.

“With the implementation of the SSO Portal HelloID, it is no longer necessary for Albron employees to log in separately on the various websites.”

Paul Vermeer, System Administrator

Integration with sharepoint

Albron looked for a suitable solution that matched the current method. In order to be able to place orders and schedule employees, employees use the central SharePoint portal. According to Paul Vermeer, the notes with login data were open and exposed in the past. “Employees can log in via the cash register system or an office desktop to gain access to the SharePoint portal. Employees now have one overview of applications and do not need to log in again. “Because HelloID is integrated with SharePoint, this seamlessly fits in with the current working method of the employees. No additional training was required for employees to be able to work with HelloID.

Fewer reports on the service desk

Within the Albron IT department, a team of three employees is responsible for front-line support. Especially during holiday periods many reset messages for passwords were received on the service desk. Paul Vermeer: ​​”The service desk often had to contact the various suppliers to reset the password. This often took some time. “By entering HelloID, the login to the various applications is now decentralized. Initially, the location manager or manager receives the login details from the supplier. He or she fills in the data and then no longer needs to be looked at. The number of notifications on the service desk has decreased significantly with the introduction of HelloID. Paul Vermeer: ​​”We no longer need central management. Locations themselves have a manager who can help. Managers knew that a solution had to be found. The employees at the locations only have to press the button of the supplier. “


Albron is extremely satisfied with the results of HelloID and the collaboration with Tools4ever. Paul Vermeer: “We started with a Proof of Concept of a month. After this month we decided to switch to the live environment. We went to 800 locations from 10 locations within one week. “During the extensive selection process, a reliable partner was at the top of the list. “At Tools4ever, updates are announced in advance and it is indicated what impact this might have. We are informed and that is very nice. In addition, the lead time is very good. If we have questions, they are answered immediately. During the setup everything was clear and the websites were made within HelloID Single Sign-On. At the establishment was looked at the needs and wishes of Albron.” In addition to reliability, scalability was very important, Albron added extra locations without any problems. They could immediately start with HelloID.

Benefits of HelloID:

  • Central management of applications
  • Single Sign-On for websites
  • Supplier independent authentication
  • Multiple passwords removed
  • Integration with SharePoint
  • Connect with current working method
  • Fast implementation and direct result
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