If you have day to day dealings with IAM software, you will learn with most products you need a database backend.  There are many choices including Oracle, Sybase, Informix, and many more. In my experience though, while none of these are bad, Microsoft SQL seems to be the stand out database.

The reason is what a lot of customers don’t realize is that the back end for most IAM software does not require much!  If you are implementing Self Service Password Reset software, Enterprise Single Sign On software or Automated Account Management software the tables and infrastructure of a database required by this software does not take up much space.

Clients, whether current or prospective always have one main concern which is system requirements.  The system requirements for all products provided by the leading IAM vendors, are not much and can run on most servers and Operating Systems; if it is a decent vendor.

This is where Microsoft SQL comes into play. In my opinion SQL would be my first choice of database backend.

With Microsoft SQL as a back end, you do not have to extend the requirements of the software.  Whether it is an existing SQL server in an environment or a version of Microsoft’s SQL Express, many of the top IAM vendors are compatible with them.  This makes for easy integration and use of the software.

Unlike other products that have higher system requirements, Tools4ever products, do not require as much and also have as much security embedded if not more!

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