Combine Secure Single Sign-On with Authentication Management Including Two-factor Authentication

Enterprise Single Sign-On Manager (E-SSOM) strikes the balance between ease of use and compliance with organizational policies

Today’s complex business environments call for the perfect combination of accessibility and security. Juggling those two opposing concepts can be a daunting challenge for even the most seasoned IT professionals. Enterprise Single Sign-On Manager (E-SSOM), a key component of the Tools4ever Identity Governance & Administration (IGA) suite, provides the flexibility of customizable options for automation and authentication including: single sign-on, automated login, strong two-factor authentication (2FA), Virtual Desktop Automation (VDA) and WebSSO.

Seamlessly access multiple applications with the Automated Login (AL) Module

Seamlessly access multiple applications with the Automated Login (AL) Module

Gone are the days of end users having to repeatedly login to different applications as they work throughout the day. With the E-SSOM basic Automated Login Module, an end user only needs to log in once with their Active Directory username and password. Automated Login automatically authenticates them for every system and application they use with a single login. Rather than wasting time constantly having to login into each application separately, they can move forward seamlessly between applications for maximum productivity.

Access all applications with one login

Employees have a hard time remembering their many – often complex – passwords. This results in unsafe situations – such as sticky notes on the monitor - as well as frequent calls to the helpdesk to reset a forgotten password. Automated Login ensures that a user only needs to remember one set of credentials and Single Sign-On (SSO) software automatically handles all login screens thereafter.

E-SSOM Automated Login supports integration with virtually all external systems and applications without the need for additional configuration .

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Benefits of Automated Login

Log in quickly

Improved Convenience & Productivity

Since multiple logins are no longer required, your end users see an immediate improvement in productivity.

Reduction password reset calls

Reduction of Helpdesk Calls

One password to remember means less password reset requests.

Safe and compliant network

Enhanced Network Security and Compliance

Secure authentication results in a safe and compliant network.

Easily Access Applications via Smartcard Using the Authentication Management (AM) Module

Easily Access Applications via Smartcard Using the Authentication Management (AM) Module

With just the swipe of a smartcard, you can enable end users to access required applications via the E-SSOM Authentication Management (AM) Module. There's no easier way to grant end-users secure, quick access to their applications. An additional layer of security can be added by incorporating a PIN code for two-factor or multi-factor authentication. This type of ready access is especially beneficial for healthcare organizations where end users may not have the luxury of time if they need to access medical information in an emergency situation.

Take Security to the Next Level with Strong Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

In situations where an additional level of security is required, the Authentication Management Module can also provide two-factor authentication (2FA) replacing the regular Windows login credentials with a card and a PIN code. The Authentication Management module supports most card formats, from physical access cards to ID cards, ensuring that your users get direct access to the locations and the data they need when and where they need it.

Setting up end users via the Authentication Management Module is simple. Within just a few seconds, you can provide access to all required applications.

Our Authentication Management software is easy to configure: end-users can perform the enrollment themselves using their network credentials and administrators can determine exactly how smart cards affect the login / logoff process.

With Windows 10, Microsoft introduces additional functionality such as Direct Access and Custom Pictures. E-SSOM Authentication Management provides the basic functionality for the Windows credential provider, and any additional functionality is not supported. The E-SSOM AM basic functionality is supported which includes future bug fixes and changes. In case Microsoft introduces additional functionality via updates, E-SSOM will not support these features. Please contact your Account Manager for any questions you might have about this topic.

Authentication Management provides

Log in quickly using a PIN code

Simplicity for End-Users

End-users can log in quickly using a swipe and/or a PIN code.

Strong authentication

Strong Security

A card and a PIN code together guarantee strong two-factor authentication.

NEN 7510

Compliance with Government Regulations

Provide user-friendly, yet secure access to necessary information while meeting all of the requirements for HIPPA, SOX and other government regulations.

Roam the Halls Freely with the Virtual Desktop Automation (VDA) Module

Roam the Halls Freely with the Virtual Desktop Automation (VDA) Module

Direct accessibility to a virtual desktop is especially important in situations where end users are routinely switching between workstations. Automating processes that replace manual, duplicative password entry is critical. That's where the Virtual Desktop Authentication (VDA) Module comes into play.

This module takes Authentication Management a step further allowing multiple employees to quickly log in and out of their applications via Fast User Switching on a workstation. It also gives users the ability to take their virtual desktop to another workstation on Citrix and/or Terminal Services via Follow Me. The user simply places their access card on the reader and, within 8 seconds, the user can re-connect to their already active desktop applications in another location.

Save Time by Carrying Over Open Sessions

For employees that work on several different desktops or makes rounds, for example, the Follow Me feature of the VDA Module offer an invaluable time-saver. It works in conjunction with virtualized desktops (Microsoft RDS, VMware View, and Citrix XenApp / XenDesktop) or Terminal Services and allows for easy movement throughout the facility.

Why use Virtual Desktop Automation?

Flexibiliteit voor eindgebruikers

Efficiency and Flexibility for End-Users

End-users can work on the same session on every station within the organization without having to repeatedly log in with their user name and password. They are free to roam between workstations, re-connecting to required applications within mere seconds.

Citrix XenApp en XenDesktop Ready

Citrix Ready

VDA was tested thoroughly by Citrix on several criteria and fully certified for compatibility with Citrix products including XenApp and XenDesktop. The Citrix Ready certification makes it easier for clients to identify the solutions that best match their specific needs.

Reach for the Cloud with the WebSSO Module

Reach for the Cloud with the WebSSO Module

Historically, offering Single Sign-On access capabilities to cloud applications was complicated, but that was in the past. With the E-SSOM WebSSO Module from Tools4ever, end users can be granted access to all cloud applications from any device (PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.) using the same, single username and password they have been assigned in Active Directory.

Transparent Authentication Even Outside of the Company Network

By simply downloading a browser plug-in, end users get direct access to cloud applications even when they are not connected to the company network. The plug-in communicates with the E-SSOM WebSSO module in the company network to pass login credentials which are then securely stored in the internal network rather than some unknown location in the cloud. The operation of the plug-in is fully transparent to end users so for them, it's simply another easy way to access the data they need, even from outside of their corporate network.

Directly Access Cloud Applications

SSO op ieder BYOD device

Device Independent Access

End-users can log in via any device: PC, tablet, smartphone, etc. and connect to their applications, no matter where they are.

Productiviteitsverbetering met SSO

Improve Productivity

End-users have quick, direct access to cloud applications with a single login saving time and hassles when working in remote situations.

Gebruikersgemak met WebSSO

Flexible, Anytime, Anywhere SSO

No matter when they need it or where they need it from, end-users get the convenience of a Single Sign-On experience.