Single Sign-On and Authentication Management

E-SSOM: Single Sign-On & Authentication Management

Our Single Sign-On software, E-SSOM, forms part of our Identity & Access Management suite. With Enterprise Single Sign-On Manager (E-SSOM) employees only need to log in once, after which they can access any application they have permission to use, without the need to log in repeatedly. Combining Single Sign-On (SSO) with Authentication Management eliminates the need to remember multiple passwords.
E-SSOM is available in the following modules:

Automated Login (AL)

This basic module ensures that a user only needs to log in once with their Active Directory username and password, rather than having to login into each application separately. Automated Login automatically authenticates the end users without them having to enter their credentials for every system and application they use.

Access to all applications with one login

Employees have a hard time remembering their many – often complex – passwords. This results in unsafe situations and frequent calls to the helpdesk to reset a forgotten password. Automated Login ensures that a user only needs to log in once and Single Sign-On software automatically handles all login screens thereafter.

E-SSOM supports integration with almost all external systems and applications. To configure the applications, no coordination with the application supplier is needed.
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Benefits of Automated Login

Log in quickly





Time savings

Improvement in convenience and productivity since users can log in quickly.

Reduction password reset calls




Reduction of Helpdesk Calls

A significant reduction in the number of password reset calls since end-users only need to remember one complex password.

Safe and compliant network




Secure and Compliant Network

A secure authentication method that results in a safe and compliant network.

Authentication Management (AM)

End-users want easy and quick access to their applications. This is impossible when users need to log in using various username and password combinations. With Authentication Management software, end-users will be able to log in by placing their smartcard on a card reader or swiping the card across it. Additional security can be added through a PIN code (two-factor or multi-factor authentication). Authentication Management is often successfully used in healthcare institutions.

Strong Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

The Authentication Management module provides two-factor authentication (2FA) and replaces the regular Windows login credentials with a card and a PIN code. Authentication Management software supports any given card, including physical access cards, as well as parking cards.  Within just a few seconds, the user is provided access to all of their required applications.

Our Authentication Management software is easy to configure: end-users can perform registration themselves with a username and password, and administrators can determine exactly how smart cards must be handled. It is possible to use the organization’s current cards for physical access.  The card can be used for both physical and logical access.

Benefits of Authentication Management

Log in quickly using a PIN code





Simplicity for End-Users

End-users can log in quickly using a PIN code.

Strong authentication





Strong Security

A card and a PIN code together guarantee strong two-factor authentication. It is based on something the user has (the smart card) and something he or she knows (the PIN)

NEN 7510





Easily Meet Government Regulations

HIPPA and other government regulations require users to have individual accounts and passwords, among other requirements. Authentication Management helps to ensure that organizations are easily meeting these government requirements.

Virtual Desktop Automation (VDA)

This module is one step up from Authentication Management and allows multiple employees to quickly log in and out of their applications (Fast User Switching) on a workstation. It also gives users the ability to take their virtual desktop to another workplace on Citrix and/or Terminal Services (Follow Me). The user simply places their access card on the reader and, within 8 seconds the user can re-connect to the already active desktop applications in another location.

Carry Over Open Sessions

The Follow Me feature of our Single Sign-On solution works in conjunction with virtualized desktops (Microsoft RDS, VMware View, and Citrix XenApp / XenDesktop) or Terminal Services. This allows for easy movement throughout the building for an employee who works on several different desktops or makes rounds, resulting in great savings in time.

Benefits of Virtual Desktop Automation

Flexibiliteit voor eindgebruikers





Efficiency and Flexibility for End-Users

The end-users can work on the same session on every station within the organization without having to repeatedly log in with their user name and password. Within seconds the user can re-connect to the required applications.

Citrix XenApp en XenDesktop Ready




Citrix Ready

E-SSOM was tested thoroughly by Citrix on several criteria and fully certified for compatibility with Citrix products including XenApp and XenDesktop. The Citrix Ready certification makes it easier for clients to identify the solutions that best match their specific needs.


Web Single Sign-On provides employees with access to all cloud applications from any device (PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.) using the username and password they have been assigned in Active Directory. Employees no longer have to remember every username and password of every cloud application and can thus be more productive.

Authentication Outside of the Company Network

It is very easy to offer employees Single Sign-On (SSO) within the company network. Organizations have often had difficulties offering SSO outside of the network, as well as for devices other than traditional workstations. In the past, this was difficult because devices located outside of the company network cannot be authorized against Active Directory. Organizations that want to offer employees SSO capabilities can now do so using the WebSSO suite by Tools4ever.

If users are not connected to the company network and want to use WebSSO, they can download a browser plug-in that communicates with the E-SSOM service in the company network to pass on their login credentials. These are securely stored in the internal network rather than an unknown location in the cloud. The operation of the plug-in is fully transparent to end users.

Benefits of WebSSO

SSO op ieder BYOD device





Independent Device

It is possible to log in via any device: PC, tablet, smartphone, etc. End-users can now be connected to their applications, no matter where they are.

Productiviteitsverbetering met SSO




Improvement in Productivity

End-users have quick access to cloud applications with a single login.

Gebruikersgemak met WebSSO




Convenience of SSO at Any Time

The end-user has a Single Sign-On experience on every device and from any location.