Our IGA-Solutions

An overview of all of our software solutions for Identity Governance & Administration

Products and Services

Tools4ever’s software is designed to function as a fully integrated suite capable of addressing all of your organization’s Identity and Access Management needs. The differentiated solutions and individual modules allow you to choose the functionality your organization needs or to use our phased implementation process according to your timeline and budget. All of Tools4ever’s software is developed in-house rather than through acquired and modified technologies – so you can feel safe knowing that whatever solution you choose to implement operates seamlessly.

HelloID Identity as a Service

Convenient, secure access from outside the corporate network to all your web based apps via cloud-based Single Sign-On (SSO) solution on any device.

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Identity & Access Manager

Multiple modules support all facets of Identity Governance and Administration. The quality of the product and its phased implementation method guarantees success.

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Self-Service Reset Password Management

Out-of-the-box solution with which end-users can reset their Active Directory password, 24/7, without any delays or assistance from the helpdesk.

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Password Synchronization Manager (PSM) is password software that allows end-users to have the same password for any system or application (Single Password). When an end-user resets his/her password, PSM ensures that all the connected systems and applications receive the new password and apply it.

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An extensive solution that brings Single Sign-On and Authentication Management to legacy desktop applications, streamlines workflows, and lowers cost. E-SSOM relieves end users from their many log-ins while enhancing information security.

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ERAM provides insight into file system access, cleaning up pollution and safely delegating owners to manage access to your organization’s data.

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