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Our Software

Tools4ever designs and develops all of our own software services and products. The integration across our suite ensures seamless operation with whatever solution our consultants implement.


Tools4ever’s standard software and services offer all the configurations you need to mesh our solutions with your organization and processes.


Cloud-based Identity Management solution designed for small to mid-size organizations. Everything you need to provide seamless, secure access in a comprehensive, cloud-based identity-as-a-service (IDaaS) solution.


Core Features: Automated Event-Based User Provisioning, Helpdesk Self-Service, Application SSO, Multi-Factor Authentication.


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NexGen Identity Management, an on-prem solution designed for large organizations with complex multi-sourced datasets.


Core Features: Automated Synchronized User Provisioning, Multi-Downstream Target System Role Management, Granular Logging.


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Self-Service Reset Password Manager (SSRPM) digs your helpdesk out from under the mountain of password reset tickets.


Users are provided with a means to reset their own passwords via challenge questions, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Also included: secure account claiming for new users, MFA, and self-service for updating Active Directory user data.


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Tools4ever’s original flagship software for identity management, User Management Resource Administrator (UMRA) provides organizations with automated provisioning and account management.


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Synchronize other passwords to your users’ Active Directory credentials. PSM reduces the number of passwords to one.

Automatically updates connected passwords when AD credentials are updated.


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Boost Productivity

When IT barriers prevent users from accessing their resources, productivity grinds to a halt. Our software solutions’ automated provisioning processes ensure that your users always have access to all the IT resources they need right from Day 1—or the means to request it via self-service.


Tools4ever’s cloud-based services allow users to access these resources on any device, from anywhere, at any time.

Improve Access

Tools4ever’s solutions streamline secure access to IT resources for your users. With strict authentication processes, SSO, and automated user lifecycle management, your users will be able to access all of their IT resources from the moment they log in.


Streamlined access doesn’t mean sacrificing on security, as configurable policies and the Principle of Least Privilege continuously protect your environment.

Reduce Risk

Today, every organization’s most important resources are its people and its data; both are vulnerable without proper identity management processes or authentication measures.


Manual efforts are insufficient compared to real insight, management controls, role-based access, and automated processes. Tools4ever’s solutions and products minimize the IT security risks you face.

Tools4ever for Your Organization

With more than 10 million managed user accounts, Tools4Ever is one of the Identity and Access Management market leaders. We serve a wide range of organizations varying in size from 50 to more than 200,000 user accounts. Educational bodies, care institutions, as well as governmental and financial organizations are among those using Tools4ever’s solutions.

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“I have never worked with a company so dedicated to their customers as Tools4ever. They exemplify how all businesses should employ customer service relations.”

Marty Oliver, Technology Director at Godley ISD

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