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Flexible Management of Identities, Users, and Rights

The management of business information is rapidly becoming more complex. End users are demanding increasing flexibility and require access to company data and applications from anywhere, on any device, for both cloud as well as on-premise applications.

Enhanced Security and Compliance with Single Sign-On

HelloID is a cloud-based, Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution that provides Single Sign-On as part of its capabilities. Single Sign-On (SSO) ensures your employees’ access to all their business applications and data via one portal, requiring only a single username and password.

Identity as a Service With HelloID

HelloID is a cloud-based, Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution that provides your employees access to all your business applications via one portal - requiring only one username and password. HelloID integrates all business applications - from online cloud apps to internally hosted web applications. This easy access is secured with configurable access policies, such as Two Factor Authentication, for additional security.

Identity Management User Stories in the Education Market

School district technology environments must serve numerous user types grappling with different dilemmas and demands. Most organizations believe that meeting all of these needs and remaining within budget requires serious tradeoffs. However, Identity Management (IDM) solutions provide any district with the foundation to maximize, track, and secure their educational efforts.

Five Ways SSO Can Assist With Compliance

Compliance is a complex issue in many industries and organizations know all too well that there are major fines and potential punishments for not meeting the laws and regulations. Some major compliance regulations in the United States require businesses to ensure certain standards within their organizations, including protection of data and full disclosure.

Is a Self Service Password Solution Right for My Organization?

You’re thinking about implementing a self-service reset password solution but you are not quite sure if it is worth it and will be of benefit to your organization. This whitepaper provides an easy checklist of issues your company might have as well as solutions to how a password reset solution can easily solves these issues in addition to saving you time and money.

Identity Management in Commercial Enterprises

Most organizations rely on technology resources to complete daily functions. Identity Management (IDM) solutions are developed to control and automate an organization’s processes related to users accessing those resources. These solutions help calibrate the perfect sweet spot between too-open access and too-rigid security for each user’s specific role within your unique environment and operations.

Identity Management in the Education Market

We at Tools4ever would like to share our insight through a comprehensive but accessible overview of IDM solutions, their functions, current environments and trends, and how to best prepare for and carry out a successful implementation for the typical education environment.

Get a Grip on Unstructured Data with ERAM

Data management is becoming increasingly important to companies of all industries. Unstructured data – stored in the form of documents as compared to structured data stored in the form of easily queried databases – is the biggest challenge, comprising as much as 80% of an organization’s file system.

IDM Commercial User Stories

With their decidedly different daily dilemmas and demands, supporting users across varied departments and roles has always required challenging technology tradeoffs – until now.

Empower Student Learning Through Technology

A comprehensive identity management solution can help you increase EdTech adoption rates, save time and money, and let teachers focus on what they love to do: help their students learn.

Key Cloud Principles

Recently, Tools4ever migrated its HelloID offering from a hybrid model towards a cloud-only solution running on Microsoft’s Azure cloud infrastructure. In this document we explain the drivers behind this migration, our approach and how customers benefit.