IDM for Education

We’d like to share our insight on Identity Management for K12 school districts and higher ed.

Based on 20+ years of experience managing education IT environments, we’ve compiled this overview of IDM solutions, their functions, current environments and trends, and how to best prepare for and carry out a successful implementation.

Download the white paper for a comprehensive guide that’s still accessible for non-technical readers.

EdTech Troubles?
IDM’s the Answer

To provide the best education experience possible, technology is integrated in and outside the classroom more than ever.

However, managing all of that technology and its users throws challenge after challenge at you.

IDM benefits encompass provisioning, automated processes, role-based access management, self-service capabilities, integrations, synchronized data, audit trails, and more.

Find out why an IDM solution remains one of the smartest (and most financially responsible) decisions any K12 district or higher ed institution can make.

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