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Manually managing user accounts and network access rights consumes significant amounts of your IT staff’s bandwidth. However, through an API connection, the information in SIMS provides your organization with the perfect foundation of data to fully automate this process with HelloID. The ability to perform certain actions by HelloID is dependent on the API provided by SIMS. With a strong API connection, HelloID can unlock the full capabilities of SIMS and eliminate wasted time, money, and resources for your organization.

Efficient Connection

By integrating HelloID and SIMS, any changes made in SIMS are automatically detected by HelloID and implemented across the network according to the configured procedures. Examples of these changes and processes for employees are:


Based on the information provided by SIMS, HelloID can create a user account in (Azure) AD with the proper group memberships. Depending on the position of the new employee, they can have access rights created in various other systems as well (e.g., SAP, TOPdesk). Tools4ever has over 150 connectors with multiple target systems.


If user account access rights are altered within the network (e.g., role changes, promotions, transfers, employee address/name change), the included authorization model in HelloID is automatically consulted, and access rights are granted or revoked accordingly.


User accounts are deactivated in phases, and associated employees in the organization become informed.

Main Advantages

There are many advantages to connecting SIMS to HelloID. Here are some of them:

  1. Immediate Productivity: A new employee can become immediately productive by linking SIMS to the user accounts within the network.
  2. Quick Changes: Changes are implemented quickly and consistently according to an organization’s specific configuration.
  3. Role-Based Access: A new hire will immediately get the correct access rights and privileges that are associated with their job duties.
  4. Interoperability: HelloID’s integration with SIMS allows for automated data communication between systems.

Security / Auditing

Throughflow: Preventing the accumulation of rights, or “permission bloat”, is one of the most important reasons to implement an identity management solution. Over time, employees slowly gain more access than what is required to do their job. Especially with manual management, new authorizations are added but the old are never removed. The accumulation of these access rights can create many auditing problems. HelloID Provisioning ensures that these access rights are correctly managed, and additional rights are granted/revoked to provide the correct level of access at any given time.

Departures/Offboarding: News of departures can often reach IT slowly. This communication error can often lead to orphan accounts (i.e., accounts without an associated, active user that still maintain access rights to resources and data). These accounts pose a risk to your organization, leaving it vulnerable to security breaches and contributing to network pollution and resource drain. With HelloID, the orphaned accounts can be easily identified and removed.

Return on Investment

IIn many organizations, it takes (at minimum) 30 minutes to create, adjust, and delete user accounts. By connecting SIMS with HelloID, the required effort of the system administrator and/or helpdesk employee becomes virtually zero once configured. This can help your organization save countless hours of wasted time and free up your IT department to work on more impactful projects

Greater Communication

Leveraging SIMS’s data opens up all kinds of opportunities for an organization, such as better communication. For example, you can configure automatic email notifications for all parties relevant to a process, which keeps everyone in the loop. IT can also utilize the manager-employee relationship to inform managers of new user account creation and other relevant details like start/contract dates or specific employee info. As a result, the correct people receive notice in the event of an employee departure. Ensuring everyone stays informed about personnel changes keeps operations smooth and efficient.

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