HelloID for Financial Services

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Easy and secure access

Working in financial services necessitates handling sensitive and private information. Clients rely on secure protections for their data stored in various applications and resources.

Tools4ever’s cloud-based solution, HelloID, helps limit potential data breaches by offering a universal dashboard for applications, accessible via Single Sign-On (SSO). By using SSO, and implementing a proxy server, employees can only access their resources through the HelloID dashboard. For an additional security layer, Multifactor Authentication (MFA) is available at both the dashboard and individual application level. This functionality is included out-of-the-box with all HelloID implementations.

It can:

  • Can lower your operating costs
  • Provides increased data security for personal information, data, and resources
  • Provides extensive logging for easy auditing
  • Assists compliance and regulatory efforts, minimizing the risk of violations.

HelloID supports all common Single Sign-On (SSO) protocols to automatically identify and authenticate users for each cloud application—even if that application does not support any SSO protocols or industry standards.

HelloID also includes access policies that can fortify financial organizations’ security before the user even enters their credentials. HelloID offers login restrictions such as a user’s geographic location, date and time of login attempt, IP address, and more. These policies help prevent login attempts originating from unsecured areas, malicious intruders, or even company/compliance violations such as accessing resources outside of work hours.

Minimize compliance concerns

Transitioning to the Cloud makes managing an IT environment stressful. This self-service platform maintains greater transparency for both managers and their employees regarding access rights, minimizing confusing processes, and preventing “permission bloat” and pollution. With HelloID’s Service Automation functionality, managers retain far greater control over their environments and workflows with one-click approval/denials.

HelloID logs all activity to provide records with insightful information. The self-service platform maintains greater transparency for both managers and their employees regarding access rights, minimizing confusing processes, and obfuscating pollution. On-demand, detailed reports readily demonstrate who has access to which resources and when licenses expire. Managing the IT environment and compliance efforts has never been so simple.

Why implement HelloID?

  • Cloud-based Identity and Access Management solutions are increasing in importance, due to rapid changes in IT infrastructure and ever-evolving laws and regulations
  • Laws and regulations regarding data security and privacy (e.g., SOX, GLBA, GDPR) require actions and policies.

Service automation (self-service)

With HelloID’s Service Automation (self-service), employees can request access to applications or resources via an online portal. Their manager can approve these requests with a single click. Then, the approved changes are processed automatically across the company’s IT infrastructure. HelloID makes it easy to publish and manage an organization’s internal IT product catalog. With greater insight than ever, managers can keep track of which employees are active, and which licenses, apps, shares, etc. they have been using. Changes are handled and registered uniformly without ever passing the helpdesk, thus decreasing their workload and contributing to a professional and modern look for the IT department.

HelloID hosted in Microsoft Azure

HelloID provides Identity & Access Management (IAM) from the Cloud. Hardware, storage, security, and Identity Management software are no longer needed. IAM installation and configuration take only a matter of hours. Tools4ever provides subsequent maintenance and management, including automatic updates. Now customers’ only responsibility is organization-specific configuration, which is made very easy with HelloID. The low costs and minimal maintenance effort are coupled with greater control and security of your data. Compared to on-premises options, Identity as a Service (IDaaS) from Tools4ever runs in a highly secure Azure environment, which is thoroughly tested every six months by Deloitte Risk Services. HelloID has an active compliance and certification policy. Compliance with industry-standard security requirements is, therefore, ensured.

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