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Replacement process at Port of Rotterdam successful thanks to Tools4ever

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  • An Identity and Access Management solution by Tools4ever offering capabilities including user account management and authorization based on a predefined workflow.
  • Accounts can be created, modified and removed with greater speed. No data pollution occurs in Active Directory, so that no unnecessary licensing costs are incurred. The user management process is delegated to the relevant employee managers, reducing the workload of the IT department.

Replacement process at Port of Rotterdam successful thanks to Tools4ever

Port of Rotterdam develops, manages and operates Rotterdam's port and industry complex. With over 2,000 user accounts, it did not take the company long to realize the added value an Identity Management (IdM) solution could offer. In 2006 it implemented a Novell solution to fill the gap. "The implementation of this product solution was actually never fully completed," explains Kees Tuchscherer, Port of Rotterdam project leader.

"Since its implementation, Novell Identity Manager has been poorly maintained. The product is also rather inflexible and not ready for new developments such as cloud computing. Then in 2007 we accommodated the management of the Novell solution with KPN as part of an outsourcing contract. But Novell does not form part of KPN's default service offering. This means it has few in-house specialists at its disposal to implement any changes, e.g. after a downsizing cycle. So last year (2012) we launched a replacement initiative."

Integration capabilities as a key selection criterion

After drawing up a business case, Port of Rotterdam went looking for a replacement solution. Various vendors were quickly discarded because they did not provide support for the Scrum methodology. In its search, Port of Rotterdam also evaluated IdM solutions by Microsoft and SAP.

"We use SAP as the HRM system and the source for implementing user account changes. So it was only logical to select SAP's IdM solution. But it is very difficult to connect SAP with the Microsoft office automation solutions we use. The Microsoft solutions, in turn, are difficult to connect to SAP. We needed a solution providing easy integration with both vendors. This is why we opted for Tools4ever," explains Kees Tuchscherer. Partly as a result of its attractive pricing and a reference from Rotterdam's Municipal Public Works Department, Port of Rotterdam decided to implement User Management Resource Administrator (UMRA) by Tools4ever.

“This is an enormous improvement in comparison with the Novell setup. Previously, we had to perform an annual clean-up to see which accounts we could shut down.”

Kees Tuchscherer, project leader at Port of Rotterdam

Transparent user management

UMRA provided a link with SAP ERP HCM as well as Workflow Management (WFM) and Self Service capabilities. When HR enters a new employee in SAP, the relevant manager will receive an e-mail notification automatically. The manager can then check the employee's details and request additional resources via the Self Service dashboard, such as software applications in addition to the default office automation suite, a mobile phone, a uniform and a desk. After approval by the manager the employee's user account is created in the Active Directory. When additional resources are requested, the department in question will receive notification so it can take further action.

If an employment contract is terminated, the employee's user account will be blocked on the right date and removed after a specific period. "This is an enormous improvement in comparison with the Novell setup," comments Tuchscherer. "Previously, we had to perform an annual clean-up to see which accounts we could shut down. Now we use a transparent process, which means we no longer incur unnecessary licence costs." In the previous situation, user accounts were also not created immediately when an employee enlisted. This took more time. "We sent so-called workflow notes for approving accounts and assigning resources to the relevant employees (approximately 15 people). They then had to check whether any action was required on their part. With UMRA this process has become much more efficient: only the person who is actually responsible for issuing the resource is notified," adds Tuchscherer.

Live within four months

Kees Tuchscherer is highly pleased with how the implementation went. "Initially there was some doubt about the planned implementation period. But eventually we were able to go live within four months, while the Tools4ever consultant worked on the project for a maximum of two days a week. He worked very scrupulously and possessed a great deal of material knowledge and experience."