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Tools4ever’s IAM Standardizes Account Creation and Management

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  • Inspira Health Network had no standard method in place for user account creation, which led to many errors in account information.
  • Now, employees in charge of user accounts have a standard method in place for account creation which has reduced errors and cleaned up Active Directory.

Inspira Health Network is a non-profit healthcare organization consisting of three major hospitals and over 60 outpatient care locations. With this many locations, and over 6,000 employees, account management was becoming a tedious task prone to many errors.

There were several different employees at Inspira in charge of creating accounts, each using their own conventions. Some would fill out all required information, while others would leave out important components. Without a standardized method in place, each employee would also name a department what they wanted, for example some would label a department emergency room, while others would call it ER.

Andrew Gahm, Systems and Security Engineer at Inspira Health Network said “We needed a way to standardize all of our Active Directory administration.” In addition Inspira also needed a method in place which would delegate account management to certain employees without giving full access to Active Directory.

Gahm was familiar with Tools4ever’s software suite as he had previously used UMRA in a prior position. He knew of the benefits the solutions could provide so when he started at Inspira, realizing the issues they were having with account management, he quickly introduced Tools4ever’s UMRA to mitigate these issues.

Standardization of Acounts

Tools4ever worked with Inspira Health Network to customize several secure electronic forms in UMRA, that would simplify the account creation process and drastically reduce errors. Instead of free form data entry, the electronic templates have drop down menus with department names, radio buttons with locations and addresses built in as well as having some mandatory fields required in order to create the account. This ensures that all employees in charge of creating accounts are doing so in a consistent fashion instead of using their own techniques.

“UMRA has helped clean up Active Directory to make it more consistent and useful for our entire organization.”

Andrew Gahm, Systems Engineer

Increased security

Inspira Health Network also wanted to ensure that all employees have the appropriate access to systems and applications. Certain employees needed to be delegated the task of account management, but not have full access, which could be a security risk. Many employees needed additional access in order to perform their jobs. With UMRA, access rights can be easily assigned to the correct people, starting with the team that manages passwords. This had increased the overall security of their systems by reducing the number of users who have full access to secure data.

With UMRA in place, Inspira Health Netowrk knows that all their account information is correct and they no longer need to focus time on cleaning up messes from accounts that were not created correctly. UMRA also ensures that only the appropriate employees have full access, which is beneficial for audits and meeting strict healthcare regulations such as HIPPA. Gahm added, “UMRA has helped clean up AD to make it more consistent and useful for our entire organization.”