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E-SSOM and SSRPM at Community Bank & Trust

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  • With Enterprise Single Sign On Manager, employees have a single password for all of their applications, and Self Service Reset Password Management allows them to easily reset their own password if they are locked out.
  • The IT staff no longer deals with password issues and employees can now reset their own passwords, especially at crucial times such as weekends.

E-SSOM and SSRPM allows Community Bank and Trust of Florida’s employees to no longer have to rely on the helpdesk

Community Bank and Trust of Florida provides high quality financial products and personalized customer service to residents via eight locations in Ocala, Marion, Sumter and Alachua counties. The company currently has 115 employees and has been growing steadily. With a focus on quality customer service, they needed to quickly resolve issues employees were having with passwords so they could more efficiently assist customers.

The bank uses hundreds of different systems and applications to assist their customers, and employees frequently had to remember credentials for many of them. This proved difficult since most passwords were complex and expired often, which lead employees to frequently forget their passwords. The helpdesk was receiving 5 to 10 password related tickets a day, which took time away from other important projects they were working on. Employees also needed to be able to assist customers quickly, and contacting the helpdesk with password issues was extremely time consuming.

Community Bank and Trust of Florida realized they needed a solution that would help with password resets as well as allow employees to have a single set of credentials for the numerous applications not synchronized with the Active Directory login. The solution also needed to work with many different applications including their core three; an application for their customer database, a documentation preparation system for loan applications and an imaging system.

Cost Effective and Quick Implementation

When they began looking for a solution, Tools4ever stood out as a top vendor because of their cost effective solutions and the simplicity of installing the products. Community Bank and Trust of Florida liked that they were able to see a proof of concept from Tools4ever and evaluated the product on their own time. Community Bank and Trust of Florida also enjoyed that they could roll into production exactly what they did during their trial phase. To solve their password issues they purchased Tools4ever's Enterprise Single Sign On Manager (E-SSOM) which would allow them to provide employees with a single set of credentials for all of their applications. Community Bank and Trust of Florida also acquired Self Service Password Reset Management (SSRPM) so employees could reset their own password if they were locked out or forgot a password. Tools4ever consultants were able to provide technical assistance with any applications that were more difficult to connect with and had the solutions implemented quickly.

"Being able to reset your own password and not have to contact the helpdesk for intervention is invaluable."

Jeff Stafford, Senior IT Officer/Senior VP at Community Bank and Trust of Florida

24/7 Self-service Password Reset

A main benefit of using the solutions was that it assisted with Community Bank and Trust of Florida's unique situation of being open on Saturdays. Though the bank is open, the IT staff is not there making it impossible for employees to resolve password issues. With SSRPM, employees can easily reset their own passwords and don't have to rely on IT staff. "They love the fact that they can self-service their user accounts when the IT department is not available and do not have to wait," said Jeff Stanford, Senior IT Officer / Senior VP at Community Bank and Trust of Florida.

Improved Customer Service

Providing self-service is also extremely beneficial as employees are often dealing with customers who are physically sitting across from them. Customers do not want to wait for employees to contact the helpdesk to resolve the password issue. "Being able to reset your own password and not have to contact the help desk for intervention is invaluable." Many employees who work here have worked for other banks and have said that it is not the case at other organizations," said Stanford.

Overall, Community Bank and Trust of Florida's IT department no longer spends time each day dealing with password issues. "If we get a reset every few months, it's extremely surprising. The products do exactly what their supposed to do," said Stanford.