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Fast Account Provisioning for City of Marietta

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  • User Management Resource Administrator (UMRA) was implemented to automate the account management process, so that accounts no longer had to be created manually
  • Provisioning accounts takes just minutes and is standardized for all new employee accounts

Automated User Account Management allows Marietta to create accounts in just minutes

The City of Marietta is a full-service municipality located in central Cobb County, Georgia and is one of the largest suburbs in the Atlanta metropolitan area. Marietta has their own economic development, police, fire, parks and recreation, public works, environmental services, and power and water departments which serve their citizens and businesses. Additionally, the city has seven elementary schools, a middle and a high school. Overall, the city employees over 1,000 employees across the various departments, excluding the school system.

Each of the city's employees need access to their network and a personal account created when they begin employment for the city. Over time, while employees may change departments, which requires access to different systems and applications, they all need the same basic access when they begin employment. The city had been handling account management and provisioning accounts manually, which was time consuming and subject to potential errors. In addition, only one employee was able to handle account provisioning, which led to a major bottleneck when several new employees needed to be provisioned. "With everything that was involved it would take up to 40 minutes to create a single account. It would sometimes take me an entire morning to provision accounts that were needed," commented James Baker, Network Administrator for City of Marietta.

Standardized Account Management

The City of Marietta began to look for solutions to solve their account management issues and chose Tools4ever's User Management Resource Administrator (UMRA) because of its ability to integrate with their systems and do exactly what they needed it to do.

“We worked closely with Tools4ever to develop customized templates for each of departments”, commented Baker. The templates allow a manager to enter the employees data one time and have accounts automatically provisioned. At the City of Marietta, each time a template was filled out and submitted, UMRA automatically provisions an account in Active Directory, creates the appropriate folders for them, and creates accounts in any connected applications. This also allows accounts to be setup in a standardized way since they are all created from a single template.

"There has been a major reduction in time. I can sit down to create user accounts and be done in just a few minutes."

James Baker, Network Administrator for City of Marietta

Securely Removing Accounts

The City of Marietta then needed to ensure that when an employee was no longer employed by the city, they were removed from the domain as an ex-employee could be a security risks if they were accidently left active on the city's network. UMRA allows them to easily check a box in the users profile and automatically remove all of their folders and accounts. This ensures that a user is easily removed with one click, rather than manually having to remove them from each system or application. Most importantly though, it ensures that the cities network remains secure.

Reduction in Resources Needed

With UMRA in place the city can now focus on other more important projects other than account management. "There has been a major reduction in time. I can sit down to create user accounts and be done in just a few minutes. Whereas before I would have to spend my entire morning creating accounts if there were multiple new users" commented Baker.