Providing an intuitive, central, and collaborative cloud workspace

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iHUB needed to tackle an ambitious cloud migration to support its 4 partner organizations with a collaborative, modern workspace providing seamless access to applications and data.

iHUB employees receive a user-friendly, personalized workspace facilitating safe and proper access

iHub, a partnership of 4 care providers, required a collaborative, cloud workspace to facilitate its collective mission of providing youth care, parental support, special education, and teacher training. An integrated, joint cloud IT service needed to replace the existing, loose combination of on-premise technologies across disparate environments. The combination of HelloID's access management with a&m social intranet provides users with a seamless, intuitive workspace.

"Thanks to the combination of a&m impact and HelloID, our employees have one user-friendly digital workplace with access to all their colleagues and applications. All attention can go to the joint care for our clients."

Mark van Rijn, IT Coordinator at iHUB

Ambitious Yet Confident Cloud Migration

iHUB’s structure challenged its IT team to achieve an optimally coordinated cloud environment and joint operational management without the complete integration of the 4 organizations. Prior to the partnership, each organization maintained their own environments featuring on-premise software running on now-dated Citrix platforms. Each partner also maintained their own social intranet and collaboration platforms.

iHUB made the strategic decision to focus on a full migration to the cloud after determining that synchronizing all of their on-premise IT structures and resources would prove far too difficult and expensive. This migration targeted a result where all partners utilized Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications managed by one iHUB service team with its own data center. On the front end, iHUB wanted to provide users with a modern, digital workspace that preserved each of the partner organizations’ identity, style, and content.

Prepared for the Future with HelloID and a&m impact

iHUB successfully complete its cloud migration despite an extremely ambitious implementation timeline. Hans Knibbe: "The iHUB IT service is now really organized as a shared service center for the organizations involved. There are no separate application servers per organization. This process was carried out within one year by an internal project team of 4 people in collaboration with [the vendors'] technical staff. 3,000 employees have since been connected. They have access to their personal social intranet environment via a single login [as well as] their own mail and applications. The iHub service center has its own efficient data center for all system management activities."