Connector TOPdesk

HelloID’s TOPdesk connector enables full automation for provisioning, ticketing, single sign-on (SSO), and self-service within the leading IT service management (ITSM) platform. Connecting HelloID to TOPdesk helps ensure seamless provisioning, reclaimed IT bandwidth, and complete, efficient identity management.

“TOPdesk IT Service Management processes included several manual helpdesk actions. However, the automation of these actions within TOPdesk itself is complex. Integration with HelloID makes this automation easy to achieve.”

Rick Davies
IT Lead, Tronox

Tronox Case Study

Onboarding & Provisioning New Users

HelloID leverages its integration with HR systems to detect new users and execute TOPdesk onboarding tasks. When a new user is detected, HelloID automatically carries out provisioning processes, such as creating accounts and person cards within TOPdesk.

HR staff enters the majority of identity information for each user within their system when they are hired. Based on HelloID’s attribute mapper, the various identity attributes are used to determine users’ roles. These roles determine the accounts, groups, permissions, and physical resources (e.g., laptop) each user requires.

With automated account creation and provisioning driven right from your HR system, new users hit the ground running on their first day.

Automatic Updates & Ticketing

HelloID directly integrates with TOPdesk’s ticketing system, automating and tracking many identity management processes. By constantly processing new changes, HelloID ensures that users’ identity information, resources, and access remain up-to-date. Throughout promotions, role-changes, and any other events that occur during the user account lifecycle, HelloID updates and reprovisions accordingly.

When HelloID detects changes made within the HR system, it may automatically create tickets within TOPdesk as well. Providing TOPdesk with automated ticketing processes accelerates your improved ITSM ever further. Examples of automatic ticketing include:

  • Registration and tracking purposes, immediately opening and closing tickets.
  • Change requests, creating tickets when HelloID detects new users or updates to their role.
  • Create incidents when a user submits a call from TOPdesk’s self-service portal.

HelloID’s connector helps automate the identity management log created by TOPdesk’s ticketing records. These records always provide an up-to-date log and audit trail of changes concerning employees and incidents. Examples include:

  • When did a user receive their accounts?
  • Which systems did they receive accounts for?
  • Who approved permission changes?
  • Did a user receive a new device correlating to a role change?
  • Did a user reset their password resets?

Delegated Forms

If role-based provisioning or downstream user updates must be executed without a change in the HR system, HelloID provides delegated forms. With configurable fields for these forms, HR staff, IT, or managers may enter the necessary information to initiate the change. Once the delegated form is submitted, HelloID automatically executes all the associated processes right away.

Provisioning New Resources for Existing Users

Sometimes your organization will implement a new system, application, or cloud platform that your employees will need access to once it’s rolled out. HelloID provides simplified configurations to assign which groups require access to the new resource, with membership determined by the attributes synced from your HR system.

When HelloID provisions these new resources, it may also create new tickets within TOPdesk and immediately close them as necessary. This simplifies new implementations and rollouts while maintaining your ticketing log and audit trail for users and identity management tasks.

User Self-Service & Single Sign-On (SSO)

Enabled by the connector, HelloID and TOPdesk’s self-service functionalities work together to create an elevated solution.

Access Management & Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

When users log into TOPdesk and navigate to their self-service portal, they may immediately access their HelloID dashboard containing all of their cloud applications and resources. HelloID ensures access to TOPdesk, enforces multifactor authentication (MFA) where configured, and ensures access to all cloud applications regardless of their individual SSO protocols.

HelloID may be configured to enforce MFA at both portal and individual application levels to enhance security without sacrificing access efficiency.

Service Automation—HelloID’s Self-Service Module

Service Automation facilitates complete self-service for users. Outside of automated role-based provisioning, self-service is used to provision specialty access cases and temporary projects.

HelloID leverages groups to assign the “Product Owners” (e.g., managers) who approve or deny users’ access requests for a given resource. When access requests are approved, HelloID automatically processes the group membership changes to provision the new access, which may include a revocation date.

When users submit requests and “Product Owners” approve or deny them, HelloID’s connection to TOPdesk continues to automate the associated ticketing management to keep your logs and audit trails up-to-date.

Tronox Case Study

Please refer to our Tronox case study for a more detailed, real-world overview of how HelloID’s Service Automation integration with TOPdesk has streamlined identity management for a global company.

“This powerful combination of HelloID Service Automation and TOPdesk provides highly simplified management processes and a stronger focus on innovation.”

Rick Davies
IT Lead, Tronox

Tronox Case Study

Password Resets—Account Claiming for Onboarding & 24/7 Self-Service

70% of helpdesk notifications are comprised of password reset or access requests (e.g. file shares, applications) according to TOPdesk’s up-to-date reports and statistics. Password self-service requires two important components: onboarding/account claiming and password reset functionality.

Account Claiming

Data privacy regulations and general security practices prevent organizations from distributing usernames and passwords via email. Tools4ever’s Self-Service Reset Password Manager (SSRPM), which integrates with HelloID, allows employees to safely claim their accounts and change their initial password. This functionality is provided via SSRPM Account Claiming module.

Password Reset

SSRPM’s portal offers employees the possibility to safely reset their password 24/7, from anywhere, and on any device. Additionally, the Service Automation interface provides helpdesk employees with a standard webform that directly executes resets while logging the action in TOPdesk’s ticketing management.

Simplified Management & Security, Reclaimed IT Bandwidth

Executing identity management tasks requires dedicated knowledge, elevated permissions, and significant time and effort. Even after implementing TOPdesk, some organizations rely on manual efforts to address tickets. By connecting TOPdesk to HelloID, these tasks become automated processes with enhanced ticketing and tracking.

While TOPdesk’s ticketing greatly enhances ITSM, HelloID’s automations eliminate the need for IT to manually address, execute, and close every ticket or incident. For many provisioning and self-service processes, HelloID automatically executes the configured process, creating and closing tickets as needed.

As a result, HelloID increases these user groups’ efficiency without having to assign them elevated permissions for manual identity management—decreasing security risks. Further, HelloID’s connector enhances your organization’s activity log and audit trail created by TOPdesk’s ticketing to thoroughly track identity management.