Connector Skyward

HelloID’s Skyward connector allows your school district to manage student and staff identities, driving provisioning processes and update to ensure user access remains up-to-date.

Source of Truth & Attribute Mapping

Skyward’s SIS serves as the “Source of Truth” or source system for your school district’s IT environment. The system contains all of the identity and role data for every user your district needs to provision their resources and access rights.

HelloID provides an attribute mapper to sync with Skyward’s source data. The attribute mapper’s configuration links identity from Skyward’s fields and variables to HelloID. HelloID leverages the synced data from Skyward to execute automated user account lifecycle processes and self-service.

New User Provisioning

When new students and staff join your district, your HR or IT team enters them into Skyward. HelloID takes the user data and configured mapping to automate provisioning processes. HelloID creates accounts, adds group memberships, and assigns permissions within Active Directory and/or other connected systems and applications according to the new user’s role within Skyward (e.g., student, school, grade level).

Automatically Update Roles & Access

HelloID’s Skyward connector constantly processes user accounts to ensure their information and access remain up-to-date. When user data within Skyward is updated, HelloID’s sync automatically processes it. Throughout student grade advancement, staff promotions/role changes, and any other events that occur during the course of a user’s account lifecycle, HelloID updates and reprovisions accordingly.

User Self-Service

HelloID’s Service Automation module facilitates complete self-service for users. Outside of role-based provisioning automations, self-service is used to provision specialty access cases and temporary projects. Assign “Product Owners” who approve or deny users’ access requests for a given resource by using HelloID’s groups. When access requests are approved, HelloID automatically processes the group membership changes to provision the new access, which may include a revocation date.

Deactivation and Offboarding

As part of processing user account changes, HelloID swiftly deactivates and offboards departing students and staff once their status changes. Via the Skyward connector, HelloID syncs the status change and automatically deactivates accounts, removes group memberships, and revokes access to connected systems and applications. This minimizes offboarding delays, orphan accounts, or overlooked access rights.

Simplified Management and Security

Identity management requires dedicated knowledge, elevated permissions, and remains time-consuming. By connecting Skyward to HelloID, identity management tasks become automated processes. Additionally, Tier 1 IT and HR staff only need to enter new user data in Skyward or HelloID’s delegated forms to begin onboarding and provisioning processes. This eliminates the need for elevated permissions that increase security risks and are unnecessary outside of user account management.