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Skyward SIS is a student information system developed to better support K12 district staff, from administrators and IT to teachers, students, and parents. Skyward’s management suite encompasses modules for administration, student services, classroom tools, and family engagement. Since launching their first product in 1981, Skyward has remained committed to helping deliver a better education experience for all users.

HelloID and NIM connectors allow your school district to leverage your Skyward SIS data for students and staff to achieve automated provisioning and identity management. Our solutions provide an attribute mapper to sync with Skyward’s source data. The attribute mapper’s configuration links Skyward’s fields and variables to our solutions.

HelloID and NIM leverage the synced data from Skyward to execute automated user account lifecycle processes and self-service.

Onboarding, Provisioning, & Ongoing Management

HelloID and NIM detect changes in Skyward SIS via the connector. Detected changes trigger processes that update users and their access to connected IT resources according to your configurations.

Processes are automatic, consistent, and logged—reclaiming significant IT staff bandwidth.

HelloID and NIM automatically provision accounts, group memberships, and permissions for new students and staff entered into Skyward. In addition, our solutions process changes made to existing users to ensure everything remains up-to-date. For example, when changes in Skyward’s data indicate that a student or staff member has departed the district, our solutions swiftly deactivate accounts and revoke access.

Driven by Skyward’s SIS data for every user, automated attribute-based access control has never been as quick or easy.

Service Automation for User Self-Service

Outside of standard provisioning configurations, users may access HelloID’s Service Automation module to request access to additional resources from their dashboard. If approved by the configured “Product Owner,” HelloID processes all changes and provisioning needs.

With HelloID connected to Skyward, “Product Owners” may be assigned based on their synced attributes. Examples of these attributes include administrative roles or teaching and class assignments.

Additional HelloID Connector Information

For information on connecting Skyward SIS to HelloID and enabling SSO, please refer to the following Documentation and GitHub links:


Additional NIM Connector Information

For information on connecting Skyward SIS to NIM, please refer to the following Documentation and GitHub links: