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The Dedalus Group is one of Europe’s leading providers of healthcare and diagnostic software solutions. Founded in 1982, Dedalus has accumulated decades of experience with healthcare information systems. Dedalus’ software solutions help your healthcare organization cover the full scope of IT and ERP management for patient and staff administration.

Connecting HelloID to Dedalus allows your healthcare organization to leverage source system data in driving all of your provisioning and identity management processes. Your organization’s source system (e.g., HR system) already contains the employee data to automatically provision users based upon their roles and attributes. Source system fields and variables are mapped to HelloID to keep data synced with Dedalus and all other systems and applications.

Onboarding, Provisioning, & Ongoing Management

With source system data linked to HelloID, provisioning and identity management in Dedalus requires minimal effort. HelloID detects all changes to employee data, whether it’s a new user or updates to an existing one. Detected changes trigger your organization’s configured HelloID provisioning and management processes. All processes are automatic, consistent, and logged.

HelloID creates accounts, adds group memberships, and specifies permissions within Dedalus’s solutions once new employees are added by HR into your source system. Whenever HR updates an employee’s data, HelloID automatically detects and processes the changes, adjusting their Dedalus accounts and access to ensure everything remains up-to-date. When an employee departs, HR merely changes their status in your source system, and HelloID automatically executes all configured offboarding processes for Dedalus and other connected resources.

Connecting HelloID to Dedalus leverages your existing HR processes and data to achieve fully automated provisioning and attribute-based access control. Identity management has never been as quick or easy, and your IT staff reclaims significant bandwidth.