Your Employees Are Most Likely Using Simple Passwords

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One way to improve security is forcing employees to use unique passwords that are regulated by their employer. The stronger the password the stronger the security. There are software options that will allow employers to extend the password complexity rules and enforce numerous password rules. Employers can implement multiple new password policies for their employees at various levels. Some additional options are similarity and history checking as well as importing a list of dictionary words that should be prohibited.

Another way to increase security is enabling the end-user to reset their own passwords, based on predefined questions. Employers can make a number of questions mandatory for employees to answer in order to reset their password. By establishing this method passwords no longer need to be written down and fraudulent resets for password resets are mitigated.

If an extra level of security is required, Two- Factor Authentication can be applied. With Two- Factor Authentication, a pin code will be delivered via text message or a personal email address for the end user. This ensures the identity of the employee, before the password is reset.

Password security should be taken extremely seriously and precautions should be put in place to ensure passwords are not easily guessed or visible.

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