Easy Authorization Requests & Requisitions

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Authorization requests and requisitions are a part of life for most businesses. Employees make all types of requests for purchasing equipment, role changes or requesting additional access to systems/ applications. Authorization request processes may have different details, but they generally include similar steps: someone requests for something to be authorized, someone with approving authority considers the request, and then grants or denies it.

When the authorization request process requires several manual steps such as filling out a paper form and handing it to someone, it slows down your personnel with a lot of busy work. Then there is the issue of ensuring that the correct person gave permission for access or other resources. So how does your organization handle these requests while still ensuring that security is a top priority?

Workflow Management allows for an ideal request process. The process includes an employee making a request over the company network through a digital form, the approving authorities immediately receives the request, and then can either approve or deny the request. After approval the request will be carried out. This ensures that a manger approves the request before any resources or access rights are given. If needed the requests can be set up with another level of approval, so that they need to be approved by two managers for example, in order to be processed.

Instead of using stone age processes for authorization requests and requisitions, workflow ensures that the process is efficient and secure.

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