Multifactor Authentication (MFA), what are the options?

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Providing easy and secure access to enterprise applications is something that every organization aspires to do. Single Sign-On (SSO) can offer a significant improvement in efficiency because you can access all of your resources and applications with a single set of credentials. To enhance the protection of your resources, you can go a step further and add an additional authentication level. This extra step is known as Multifactor Authentication (MFA).

Multifactor Authentication requires that a combination of criteria need to be met in order for the user to gain access to their resources. MFA typically combines two or more of the following to enforce strict security during logins:

  • Something you know (e.g., login credentials)
  • Something you have (e.g., SMS, hardware token, security key)
  • Something you are (e.g., biometrics)
  • Somewhere you are (e.g., location)

A common example of a strict MFA process would first prompt the user to enter their regular username and password credentials before requiring at least one of the other three criteria. Additionally, authentication processes can be configured according to date and time. For example, a user may be required to meet an additional MFA criteria if they attempt to log in outside of normal work hours.

With the right investment, MFA can dramatically improve your organization’s security. So, what are some ways that you can incorporate MFA into your login processes? Below we will dive into some of the most current MFA options available, and how you can use them:

Security Key (FIDO2)

FIDO2 is a fusion of two standards that replace passwords with an “authenticator” (a device on which you can securely store all your login information). The FIDO2 security key verifies that you are who you say you are. FIDO2 falls under the “something you have” verification method.

A security key is a physical item that you literally have in your pocket (or on your physical person). Most security keys work via USB or NFC (contactless). By providing the security key, the identity of the user is verified. The best known and most common security key is the YubiKey.


The next MFA option is a token, which is a small physical device that displays an OTP code (One Time-Password) for use during MFA login processes. The token is not inserted into a PC, smartphone or other device, but is instead used separately. The token frequently produces a new unique code on a timer (for example, every 30 seconds). When providing the hardware token along with the username, this user is verified and granted access.

With a security key or token, you can utilize Multifactor Authentication without your smartphone. With this solution, you guarantee a very solid and user-friendly security of your applications and data at a low investment.

HelloID Authenticator App

Remembering countless passwords to various applications can be a hassle and is not a very efficient way to access your resources. Passwords can be forgotten, stolen, or compromised. An Authenticator application provides an additional layer of security. When you use an Authenticator application, the application generates a unique code every ’30 seconds’. The app can be used anytime, anywhere—even without an Internet connection.

Normally, users have to retype this generated code into their smartphone to gain access. HelloID offers a way to circumvent this with a ‘Push to Verify’ functionality that allows users to simply click the ‘login’ button in the HelloID Authenticator app, after which the user is logged in directly.

With ‘Push to Verify’, users can seamlessly access their resources with a single tap. No more typing codes, no more hassle.

A solution for all types of MFA

Tools4ever’s cloud-based Identity and Access Management solution, HelloID, includes an SSO dashboard to pair with all of these MFA capabilities (and more). HelloID features a portal in which all the necessary applications and data are accessible. This portal is designed to provide a secure, efficient and user-friendly solution for your Identity and Access Management (IAM).

HelloID provides Multifactor Authentication that is available at both the dashboard level and individual application level. This means that you can enforce MFA for your employee to enter the HelloID portal, as well as add an additional step on specific resources with sensitive information. HelloID can also offer contextual MFA where you can block login attempts outside of normal business hours, or based on the user’s location/IP address, etc.

A few key advantages of HelloID:

  • Works in the cloud
  • Low cost
  • Integration with Active Directory and more than 150 IT systems and applications
  • Single Sign-On allows for more efficient user login and management
  • Multifactor Authentication allows for a secure connection
  • The authentication process is monitored automatically

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