How HelloID Can Improve Your Organization’s Security

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An Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution is critical to improving your security efforts and can help your organization realize additional benefits (e.g., eliminating wasted time, increasing efficiency, and cutting down on costs). Below is a brief look into how Tools4ever’s cloud-based IAM solution, HelloID, can revamp your organization’s security efforts.

HelloID was created with the objective of simplifying an organization’s access and approval processes, offering a large selection of features including: single sign on, authentication policies, “Service Automation” (self-service), provisioning, and more. All of HelloID’s capabilities are designed to increase security, enhance user experience, and take pressure off of the IT department.

Let’s dive into a few of the ways you can tighten up your organization’s security with HelloID.

Easy and Secure Authentication

Single Sign-On: An IAM solution needs to provide a seamless user experience with both easy and secure access. With single sign-on (SSO), organizations are able to support all the business applications that employees need to do their jobs within a secure, universal dashboard. In a poll of 2,000 people, 62% claimed they use the same password for both work and personal accounts1. With HelloID’s SSO, your organization will be able to circumvent this and blend enhanced security directly into a user’s login process. This leads to simplified access and the requirement of only one set of complex credentials for your employee to access all of their resources.

As opposed to traditional IAM technologies, HelloID’s single sign-on (SSO) provides organizations with a secure method for accessing cloud and 3rd party applications, data, and other resources. SSO platforms protect access behind a single login and rely on passing security tokens (e.g. SAML) instead of traditional passwords to verify a user’s identity before granting access to the connected resources.

Multifactor Authentication (MFA): MFA is an account security process that requires two or more steps for a user to verify their identity. In general, MFA combines something you are, something you have, something you know, or where you are located. By pairing this extra step with SSO, your organization can truly begin to protect your resources and data.

Did you know? According to a study by a Microsoft Engineer, implementing a single variation of MFA can block 99.9% of automated attacks2.

HelloID can provide MFA that is available at both the dashboard level and individual application level. This means that you can enforce MFA for your employee to enter the HelloID portal, as well as add an additional step on specific resources with sensitive information. HelloID can also offer contextual MFA where you can block login attempts outside of normal business hours, or based on the user’s location/IP address, etc. If your organization would like even more security, HelloID can enforce a proxy-server, forcing users to login to their applications through HelloID. This eliminates all external attempts, and minimizes the risks that your organization could be subject to.

Dean Wiech, the Managing Director of Tools4ever’s New York Office, had this to say about HelloID’s MFA capabilities: “HelloID can deliver an immediate impact on an organization’s security by delivering integrated multifactor authentication to every web application in use. This security also comes with end-user ease of use due to the various options – PIN, OTP, Push to Verify and Yubi key – that are supported.”

Extensive Auditing

Audit Trails: There is a very common issue shared among organizations when it comes to assigning and managing access. Throughout an employee’s time with a company, they will see their roles and responsibilities shift. As these shifts occur, they will slowly begin to accumulate more access than they need, to the point where they can potentially pose a security threat to the organization.

Organizations can prevent this from happening by following a concept known as the Principle of Least Privilege (PoLP). The PoLP states that organizations grant and revoke access to employees accordingly, so that they only have access to the resources needed to do their job. Within HelloID, PoLP is actively enforced through auditing and review; passive, or preemptive, enforcement occurs via configured provisioning and self-service processes.

Did you know? According to a Forbes report, a shocking 74% of data breaches start with privileged credentials abuse3.

HelloID can assist your organization with this common issue by providing the auditing and reporting capabilities needed to adhere to the PoLP. The extensive audit trails that are provided allow organizations to identify when a user may have too much access, as well as assists them in putting procedures in place to prevent bloated access rights before they can happen.

Service Automation

Minimize Human Error: According to the IBM Cost of a Data Breach Report, security breaches resulting from human error account for nearly 25% of all data breaches in 20194. In a manual request-for-approval process, there are countless hurdles and uncertainties when it comes to granting access to resources. HelloID’s Service Automation module allows your organization to automate these requests, granting your IT department time to work on more impactful projects.

With Service Automation, an employee can simply request access to a resource and have the appropriate resource manager approve/deny access. If approved, Service Automation automatically grants access to the resource. As a result of Service Automation, your team is more productive, you face minimized potential for human error (reducing the potential of a data breach), and all the requests are logged for easy auditing.

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As you can see, a cloud-based identity and access management solution such as HelloID, can dramatically tighten up security for your organization. If you have any further questions regarding the security benefits HelloID can provide for you, please contact one of our office locations.





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