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What is a knowledge base and how can it help your organization? A knowledge base is a collection of information in the format of subject, problem, and solution. It is meant to be easily searchable, so that users can quickly find the answers to questions that they have. A knowledge base can be an important asset to any customer service team. They are there to serve and solve customer issues, so any type of solution or method which helps with this, is extremely beneficial.

Customer service representatives often go through extensive training, however many problems they encounter are not always included in this training. Having an up to date knowledge base to search allows a customer service representative to easily search for their problem and find the solution. This gives them a guide as to show how they go about solving their issues rather than start troubleshooting the issue from the beginning without having an idea of what to do. This also greatly improves the efficiency of your customer service team as well as serving as a training guide. The key to a good knowledge base is having detailed articles with step by step instructions, as well as screenshots to make it easy to follow.

Additionally, a good knowledge base will allow easy editing of the articles. With software being updated constantly, and customer service representatives finding different ways to solve the same problem, you will want to allow all of your articles to be easily updated. If you cannot easily edit your articles, you run the risk of having multiple articles created for the same topic. This can cause confusion, as well as causing the customer service representative who is looking for a solution to have to spend time reading through multiple articles.

A good knowledge base can is invaluable to your customer service team. Being able to solve problems faster by a knowledgeable representative will keep your customers satisfied.

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