Connecting O365 to IAM Solutions

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Cloud solutions such as Office 365 have many benefits such as allowing network administrators to take the burden of maintaining servers off their plates by putting their document management, mail servers and instant messaging solutions into the cloud. Additionally, it allows users to interact with their company from out of the office and anywhere around the world providing more productive employees. These are just some of the many benefits Office 365 in the cloud offers.

If though, you are going through all the effort of setting up a cloud based to improve the productivity of your employees, shouldn’t you also take the time to do the same for your IT department? Organizations can easily take the next step and with an Identity and Access Management Solution easily automate the creation, deletion and updating of accounts between your HR solution, AD solution and your cloud solution.

This will free up time for IT staff and allow any new employees to have accounts created and maintained for them in a matter of minutes instead of days; which with your cloud solution allows them to access documents and E-mail anywhere.

So what about the security aspect? With an IAM solution that connects your HR, AD, and cloud solutions a manager can de-provision a user just as quickly as they were provisioned. This ensures that an employee who is no longer with the company can no longer access any of the company’s systems or applications, and they are disabled as soon as they leave.

All in all, cloud based solutions that tie into your company’s identity and access management solutions save your IT staff time and money. It allows them to do more productive tasks since now they don’t have to create accounts in multiple solutions for every new employee this also saves your new employees time since they don’t have to wait for their account to be created in all the solutions.

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