Benefits of Connecting with EPIC

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If your organization uses EPIC you know how tedious and time consuming it can be to manage user accounts in the application. Each time a new nurse, doctor, or other employee joins the organization an account needs to be manually created for them and access rights granted. Often an employee will start with the organization and need to wait around till their accounts are created, unable to start working.

This entire process can be automated though, to make the account management tasks much easier, allowing employees to have accounts created quickly on their first day of employment, and ensuring security of the system.

An automated user account management solution with a connection to EPIC enables healthcare institutions to make user and access changes in EPIC quickly and without error. The connection with EPIC drastically changes and reduces the amount of time administrators spend on account management by seamlessly integrating Active Directory with the user management resource administrator software to minimize manual and repetitive tasks.

The same is true once an employee is terminated; the staff will then be prevented from having access to the EMR system. A manager can easily make one click to disable to user and all connected systems will be disabled.

The connector for EPIC is extremely comprehensive and takes care of a variety of issues. Thus, it eliminates potentially duplicated materials, unwanted access by non-qualified staff, incorrect data input, and a long tedious authorization/de-authorization process. It will also alleviate the problem of unique naming in various systems such as, if the name was previously used in EPIC or other systems at any time, it will modify it accordingly to guarantee its uniqueness.

Additionally and most importantly it allows the organization to have a better grasp on their employee’s access rights, and be better compliant with various rules and regulations such as HIPPA.

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