5 ways to know you need an IAM solution

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“Implementing an Identity and Access Management solution.” This sentence scares many organizations and their CEO’s. Though, yes, it does cost money, it is probably not as much as you think and can most likely save your organization money in the short term.

Every organization faces password and account management issues, but when it gets to a certain point where it is interfering with productivity and costing the organization unneeded time and money, that’s when it becomes a major issue.

So how do you know when it gets to this point and when your organization needs an IAM solution? The following are 5 ways that you know an IAM solution is needed to improve processes.

  1. Abundance of calls to the helpdesk

Whether it be for password issues or access issues, when your helpdesk is receiving an overload of calls each day, it can have an effect on the productivity of the end user. Contacting the helpdesk, staring a new ticket, and solving your account and password issue is time consuming and an extreme annoyance when an end user is in the middle of something; especially if they are with a customer.

  1. Full time employee for account management

 Many organizations need to hire a full time employee just to handle provisioning accounts and making account changes. If this is a full time position at your company it is because you are handling the account management process manually which is time consuming and prone to error. Not to mention, it is very expensive to hire someone to do these tasks full time.

  1. Employees don’t have all their accounts created on first day of employment

If you have employees who, on their first day of employment, cannot start working due to lack of access to the systems and applications they need, this is shows an inefficient process. It usually takes up to a week for a new employee to have all the correct access they need, which is a monumental loss of productivity, time and money.

  1. Users are accidentally left active after they are no longer with the organization

 Often, when employees leave an organization, disabling their accounts is overlooked and they are left active on the organizations network. Though this is an easy mistake to make it can create a security risk. Once an employee leaves, their access should automatically be disabled so they are no longer able to access anything in the organization’s network.

  1. Each system or application has different employee information

 If each of your organization’s systems and applications have different employee information, it can be a hassle or even impossible, to keep them all in sync. Each system needs to have the most current and correct employee information. When though, for example, an employee gets married and changes their last name, changing this information in each system can be a hassle and easily gets overlooked.

Are any of these happening at your organization? If your organization deals with one or more of these issues, you are at the optimal time to benefit from an IAM solution. So, though implementing an IAM can be scary, it is actually a lot easier than dealing with these issues that are already occurring on a daily basis.

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