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Enterprise Identity Management for Education

Software solutions that bring enterprise functionality and security to the education market. From K-12 to higher-ed, our solutions meet the daily challenges of the education market.

Simplify Employee and Student Identity Management with Tools4ever

An identity management (IDM) solution that only handles student account onboarding and offboarding is no longer sufficient for the education sector’s growing security needs. School districts are seeking more comprehensive IDM solutions to address the security needs of employees, substitutes, and vendors. Enterprise IDM enables IT teams to create secure role models that align with employees’ access permission requirements. However, these solutions have often been too expensive and difficult to maintain at the district level.

Tools4ever, with over 20 years of IDM experience, has created solutions that can be implemented and managed locally by IT administrators, eliminating the need for expensive implementation, training, and hardware requirements for enterprise IDM solutions.

Automated Account Provisioning, Single Sign-On, Self-Service…
We’ve Got You Covered

Protecting sensitive and confidential information for both employees and students is critical for the education industry. More often than not, school districts have a mix of modern systems and older (legacy) systems, which adds another layer of difficulty. The process of manually creating, modifying, and deleting accounts in these systems can be a complex and time-consuming task for many IT departments. In addition, the manual maintenance of all employees and student information can be difficult and prone to errors. This can result in expensive licenses remaining active, forgotten rights, and the risk of former employees and students retaining access to their old accounts.

Integrated Systems = Streamlined Management

HelloID (cloud IDM) and NIM (on-premise IDM) are provisioning solutions from Tools4ever that provide fully automated user account management. They connect your district’s HR and SIS systems with target systems in the cloud or on-premises, automating the entire user account lifecycle process. By linking HelloID and NIM to the SIS, student data is entered into one system, creating a Single Source of Truth that automates data synchronization to your downstream systems. In addition, account details and user entitlements are automatically configured for new students. Continuous monitoring for updates in the SIS and downstream synchronization as students shift grade levels, guaranteeing all students have the correct accounts and entitlements for their education. Changes are implemented quickly, error-free, and efficiently. Our solutions also make security audits easy to complete.

User Friendly Processes with Low Cost, Quick Implementation

Nothing is more important than providing your students with the correct access to the right resources. HelloID and NIM’s Provisioning module automates the entire user account lifecycle. By linking to the student information system, new students will receive their accounts, access rights, and other resources on the first day of school. Then, when students change grade levels or courses, our solutions ensure they receive the correct rights and licenses. But what happens when a student graduates or leaves the school district? Provisioning automatically blocks or deactivates their account to prevent unnecessary access to applications and systems.

Provisioning can usually be implemented within a few weeks, which eliminates the cost associated with extended project implementations by managing all processes through a modern user interface. Additional cost savings are easily achieved by automating your user lifecycle processes, such as creating, modifying, and deleting student accounts.

We believe that technology shouldn’t be an obstacle to your organization. Instead it should be invisible so that your organization achieves success.

"Day 1" Start for New Employee & Students

Employee and Students need to have an account on their first day, and we make sure they have it.

Seamless HR & SIS Integration

We partner with the leading HR & SIS vendors to provide you with easy and seamless integration.

Automated End-of-Year Rollover

Every year, students roll up, and students roll out. Our solutions make the necessary user account changes automatically without burdening the IT department.

SSO for Your Cloud Apps

The adoption of EdTech and cloud resources continually rises. We provide a Single Sign-On (SSO) experience so students can stop worrying about credentials and get busy learning.

Tailor-Made for School District Challenges

HelloID and NIM can provide solutions for many of the challenges school districts encounter with their User Account Management process:


High ROI with Low Lifecycle Replacement (LCR)


Open Data Model Supporting Simple to Complex Implementations


Unlimited Number of Users


Unlimited Number of Data Synchronizations per Day


Single Source of Truth (Soll-Ist) Capabilities


Data Warehouse with Detailed Source & Target Relationships


Role Modeling Capabilities (including Mining, Generation, Rollback)


Hosted On-Premise


Detailed Impact Analysis (Know Before)


Tailor-made Reports (including Notifications and Web Applications)


Data Exports & Rostering Capabilities (OneRoster Certified)


Advanced Audit Logging and Query Capability


Customizable HelpDesk & Organization Web Applications


Asynchronous Processing


No Additional Software Requirement (SQL or Web Server)

Win Back Time with Automation

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