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Zoho provides cloud-based business software primarily focused on an office suite. Zoho’s office suite consists of word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, database, conferencing, invoicing, and other applications. In addition to the office suite, Zoho also provides solutions covering CRM, HR, business analytics, low-code development, and other organizational needs. Zoho’s software solutions are developed to be scalable and allow for customizations and flexibility.

Connecting Zoho to HelloID fully automates provisioning and account creation for the cloud-based office suite. Using a configurable attribute mapper, your source system’s fields and variables are linked to HelloID. HelloID leverages the synced identity data when automatically provisioning users within O365 and all other connected resources.

Onboarding, Provisioning, & Ongoing Management

With HelloID, provisioning Zoho accounts require no extra effort. HelloID detects new additions or updates whenever your HR staff enters them into your source system. These detected changes automatically trigger your HelloID’s configured provisioning processes. All processes are automatic, consistent, and logged.

HelloID creates accounts and provisions for Zoho whenever it detects a new user within the connected source system. Similarly, HelloID automatically updates user accounts and access whenever HR makes changes to an existing employee’s role or attributes. These triggered updates ensure that Zoho accounts and access remain up-to-date. When an employee departs, HR merely changes their status in the source system, and HelloID automatically executes all configured offboarding processes for Zoho. A connection between HelloID and Zoho fully automates provisioning for the suite of office software, reclaiming substantial IT bandwidth without requiring any additional effort from HR. Provisioning and attribute-based access control for your entire organization have never been as quick or easy to implement.