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Skype for Business

Communication is critical for your business. Connecting HelloID to Microsoft’s Skype for Business brings together the benefits of automation and communication.

HelloID provides an attribute mapper to sync with the data in your organization’s source system (e.g., HR, SIS). HelloID leverages the synced data to detect changes and execute automated user account lifecycle and self-service processes accordingly. If configured in HelloID, new users will be provisioned with Skype access according to their role.

HelloID & Skype for Business

Once connected, HelloID automates or assists with the following management tasks in Skype:

  • Create user
  • Disable users (and re-enable them when necessary)
  • Configure users (e.g., setting phone numbers for Skype for Business-enabled users in combination with Exchange Unified Messaging)
  • Reset PIN codes for voicemail access
  • Select a pool in Active Directory based on a user’s location.
  • Assign privileges to users
  • Use the “Run Command” (i.e., sending commands to the Skype for Business server)

HelloID & PowerShell

HelloID’s broad PowerShell capabilities include Skype for Business management. Via Remote Powershell and a connection with the predefined Skype for Business server, HelloID gains access to Lync PowerShell.

Additional Connector Information

For information on how to connect Skype for Business to HelloID as a provisioning target, please refer to the following GitHub link: