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Progress OpenEdge

With virtually unlimited systems and applications in existence, how do you automate identity management and provisioning processes when your target systems don’t have ready-made connectors?

OpenEdge is an advanced business language created and maintained by Progress Software Corporation to assist companies in building their own applications. As a 4th-generation programming language with English-like syntax, OpenEdge aims to expand application development beyond programmers and developers. An integrated relational database and native programming tool allow application builders to connect to popular data sources without requiring knowledge of the access methods utilized.

With SQL and ODBC compliance, OpenEdge broadens your connection capabilities and can facilitate direct integration with HelloID to automate provisioning and identity management.

OpenEdge & Target Systems

HelloID connects to the systems and applications within your environment to execute identity management automations and other processes. “Source systems” are configured to provide HelloID with the user attributes needed to automate various tasks. An HR or SIS system is most commonly used as a “source.” All other systems and applications that HelloID connects to are “targets.”

HelloID executes identity management processes, such as creating and provisioning accounts, in target systems and applications. While HelloID offers dedicated connectors for many target systems and applications, it would be impossible to provide such for every conceivable IT resource.

OpenEdge expands possibilities for your organization by supporting the development of custom business applications. However, managing users’ identity data within those custom applications remains difficult and time-consuming. Connecting HelloID to an application built with OpenEdge allows your organization to still automate processes via SQL and without dedicated connectors.

Onboarding, Provisioning, & Ongoing Management

HelloID automatically detects new users entered into its connected source system (e.g., HR system). When these changes are detected, their employee information is synced to HelloID as “attributes” according to your configured mapping. HelloID leverages these attributes to automatically execute the configured provisioning processes in all connected target systems and applications.

Connecting to custom OpenEdge applications to HelloID exponentially increases the number of target IT resources for which you can automate identity management processes. Even without dedicated connectors, HelloID creates new accounts, adds group memberships, and assigns permissions based upon the synced attributes.

HelloID also detects changes made to existing users’ attributes within your sources system. Detected changes trigger updates across your organization’s environments to ensure everything remains up-to-date.

When an employee departs, HR changes their status in the connected source system, and HelloID automatically executes all configured offboarding processes, including account deactivation and access revocation.

By leveraging your HR system’s data for every employee and connections to OpenEdge-built applications, HelloID makes automated attribute-based access control easier than ever.