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GLPI is a web-based, open-source system that provides IT assets, issue tracking, and service desk management. With GLPI, IT administrators can create databases and manage organizational assets, technical resources, and tasks. GLPI also helps track and record management actions. The ITSM system provides simplified, efficient management for IT changes and maintenance to help you control your organization’s infrastructure.

As an open-source system, extensive GLPI documentation and resources are available on their website and GitHub.

Through a connection with HelloID, your source system’s data provides your organization with the perfect foundation to fully automate provisioning and identity management within GLPI’s system.

Onboarding, Provisioning, & Ongoing Management

HelloID detects changes whenever HR adds or updates employee information in your source system. Detected changes trigger processes that update users and their access to connected IT resources according to your configurations. Processes are automatic, consistent, and logged—reclaiming significant IT staff bandwidth.

HelloID automatically provisions users in GLPI’s system based on their attributes and role. HelloID processes changes made in your source system to existing users to ensure everything remains up-to-date. When an employee departs, HR changes their status in the source system, and HelloID automatically executes all configured offboarding processes.

By leveraging HelloID’s connection to GLPI and your employee data, automated attribute-based access control has never been as quick or easy.

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For information on GLPI, please refer to the following resources: